Sunday, July 17, 2016

Update on Mass Murder of Policemen in Baton Rouge: Two Suspects (“Persons of Interest”) in Custody (Remember, There were Two Shooters on the Run)

By David in TN

At USA Today.


Anonymous said...

Do We Have to Profile Black Vets Now?
Profiling.The word minorities hate to hear because it's so accurate in assessing who is likely to commit a particular crime in a certain area of a city.
Minorities call "profiling" racist...why?Because they think,if they complain enough,police won't use profiling and they won't get
Muslims don't want their Mosques investigated,their emails inspected for terrorism--even though the odds are high of who will perpetrate an attack on US or European soil.
Blacks don't want to be stopped for ANYTHING--because theys all innocent.But cops know better.It's a fact that black prisoners are converting to Islam in huge numbers.A violent religion like Islam is very attractive to the violent black.Islam is anti-American and anti-white(if you consider white,Christian people American--which I do).It's a perfect match of cultures for future mayhem.
Now we seem to have a new category that has surfaced--the Angry Black Vet.
This is a black that has been trained to be a killer in combat,gets discharged,gets pissed off at white people,may get involved with Islam or black radical teachings(both of which lead to the same goal of taking over white America)and become a black version of Rambo...maybe call him Sambo?
In any event,it appears black vets may need to be profiled as a specific threat to the police,political candidates and our cities.Getting a small squad of disenfranchised (in THEIR minds)black vets together would be destructive to both life and property--and you know they are out there.
Not only that,but as black prisoners are released early by Obama over the next few months,the danger of those converts to Islam increases our risk--and THEY need to be profiled as well.Not only profiled,but WATCHED.
Trump is so right...we need law and order,in a hurry.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Always in these incidents the number of shooters is never clear. Mark Essex in NOLA long time ago the thought was that three shooters were involved.

Nicholas said...

Re: Mark Essex

Afterwards, such issues always seem to be "disappeared," like the other hijacker teams on 9/11. At least one Moslem was caught that day, impersonating a captain, in order to get through security and board a plane, and in at least one plane, box cutters were found, stuffed between seats, which had to have been done by the clean-up crew. After initial reports, the whole thing was sent down the memory hole.

But blacks who had encountered Essex during his massacre did report that he said, “Don't worry, we're only shooting whites.” "We."