Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Treachery is Now a Moral Principle! (The New York Times' Clyde Haberman and Ted Cruz)

Clyde Haberman ‏@ClydeHaberman

NS to @ClydeHaberman It's not at all strange, and not about "conscience." You and #TedCruz both want #HillaryClinton to win, but Cruz pledged to support the eventual nominee. That's not "conscience" on his part, but treachery. America is a republic, not a democracy, but in any event, I do not recall treachery being a principle of any political system, save for #Islam.

(I just spent I don't know how long, trying to find my twit to Haberman, both in his and my respective feeds, to no avail.)


Avraham said...

I have no idea why people are like this. It seems to me you have one pro-American candidate Trump and one anti-American candidate. Why is there any doubt of whom is better?

Extropico said...

I will have to remember that reneging on a pledge and perfidy are no cause of boos.
If invited into Haberman's house for dinner, I shall be remiss if I fail to inform Mrs. Haberman at the dinner table that she should vote her conscience as to whether to sleep with another man that night.

Anonymous said...

"We're in very strange territory, folks, when a call to "vote your conscience," a core democratic principle, is cause for boos."

Unless you vote Democratic. Then conscience be damned. Just vote Democratic.