Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shades of the D.C. Snipers: White Woman Susan Seel, 52, Who Worked Two Jobs, While Volunteering at Her Church’s Food Pantry, was Assassinated with a Head Shot by a Raceless Murderer with a Rifle, While She Drank a Pop Outside at 3 a.m., During Her Break at the Second Job She Had Just Taken on, Working the Graveyard Shift at the McClure Gas Station, Located in the 5300 Block of Rockville Road Friday Morning, in Indianapolis; #WhiteLivesDon'tMatter


War crime victim, Susan Seel was 52

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

She was executed.


N.S.: Note that most of the people Karen Seel was feeding at her volunteer job would have been blacks, the people who, in Indianapolis, as elsewhere in America, get most of the handouts, commit the majority of the murders, and are the worst racists.



Anonymous said...

She should not-under any circumstances-have taken that job there (in a place that had no bulletproof safety area).In the related news articles,at the website indicated,there was a story of a gas station targeted THIRTEEN times for robbery.The clerks in THAT station,at least,had the bulletproof glass enclosure.Still,you can see the writing on the wall--black crime costs another business owner to shut down.Law and order needed--Hillary's B.S. NOT NEEDED.

Anonymous said...

Tonight at around 1145pm,5 police cars sped by my house to a gas station a block away.Haven't seen that many cop cars since blacks had a shootout in the middle of the street I 'm on (about 2 blocks down)3 or so years ago.
I' m assuming it wasn't your standard robbery,but at least an armed robbery.If I find out further details of who and what transpired--if of any interest,I'll add more.No ambulance that I saw-- I couldn't resist driving by to get a better look.The gas station is hidden from my viewpoint by a building.So probably another black thug out around my house again.What's new?
--GR Anonymous

deepbluehue said...

I am her younger brother Doug .

I know Susan as a Christian would not be interested in blaming an entire race for her death .

There are the GOOD and BAD in all of us .

Your assumption that mostly black families received food pantry boxes from the church was wrong . The church has a service in Spanish once a week so it is sometimes Hispanic families that receive food , sometimes white , always ANYONE that requests them .

I respect your choice to believe and speak freely as I do , but it is
disrespectful to ALL to add inaccurate assumptions to fit a biased
agenda of hate .