Saturday, July 16, 2016

Failed Orlando Hate Hoax

By Nicholas Stix


Why did the above June 14 hoax fail, while so many hoaxes succeed? While there is no science behind hoax-hunting, this was not only an idiotic, anonymous assertion by one twit, set in a nameless coffee chain, in an unnamed city, but no one talks like that today in public, and people who dislike homosexuals and illegal aliens don’t even talk like that anonymously on the Web. “Undocumented,” indeed. That’s the way pc Republicans and racial socialists speak.

Successful hate hoaxes are typically foisted on the world by people with names, real or otherwise, and are reported to have taken place in named cities, and at identified locations.

A tip ‘o the hate to Ricky Vaughn.

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Anonymous said...

In a moment that I could only describe as ambivalent,at best(for many reasons)Sec of State John Kerry said today proudly,"We have Isis on the run."
Yes,they're on the run--running around freely in France,Germany and the United States,just to mention a few countries,with England on tap for future headlines.
Of course Kerry is saying this for political reasons--as if we believe him anyways.But his near "Mission Accomplished" announcement today also brings to mind 2 other questions.
Has Isis transferred its intentions from over "there" to over "here"?Here,being Europe and the US.
Question 2:What is the Obama/Clinton administration going to do about the anarchist blacks that have finally decided that murder of law enforcement will be added to their repertoire of murdering themselves,drug dealing,laziness,lying,stealing,neighborhood wrecking and the list goes on.
So now we have a two headed monster to wake up to everyday,plus a (Democratic)party that coddles the blacks and empathizes with the Muslims.
Cleveland--YOU'RE next on the road to perdition.
--GR Anonymous