Monday, July 18, 2016

Racist Assassination Attempt Leaves White Ballwin, MO Cop a Quadraplegic for Life: ST. LOUIS -- A suburban St. Louis County Police Officer Shot in the Neck During a Traffic Stop is Paralyzed from the Neck Down Due to What the Ballwin Police Chief Calls "Catastrophic Damage to His Spinal Cord"

By Reader-Researcher RC

I guess his life doesn't matter.



Anonymous said...

Very sad story.I remember when it was first reported--I think I pasted the report.It's not right the black thug gets to spend the rest of his life,on our dime,where he probably really feels most at home--prison.Karma says he gets what he gave..and soon.

Anonymous said...

You would think these cops would know better than to police the jungles filled with dindus.

David In TN said...

"Missouri officials have not discussed a possible motive for Flamion's shooting."