Saturday, July 09, 2016

The “Black Power Political Organization” Has Taken Credit for the Houston Massacre by Black Supremacist Micah Xavier Johnson, but Should We Give BPPO Credit?



By Nicholas Stix

A group calling itself the “Black Power Political Organization,” has taken credit for the Houston Massacre, in which Black Supremacist Micah Xavier Johnson shot 14 people, killing five policemen, wounding seven cops, and wounding two civilians. The group had a Facebook page for a number of months, which Facebook took down earlier today, or last night, due to it violating the company’s “community standards.” London’s Daily Mirror’s Rachel Bishop and Stephen Jones write,

“Do You Like The Work Of Our Assassins? Get Your Own Sniper Rifle And Join Our Thousands Of Sniper Assassins Worldwide In The Fight Against Oppression!”…

“Little is known about the BPPO group, which had just over 300 followers on Facebook and does not appear to have any other social media accounts or presence on Google.

“Its message - posted in the aftermath of the shootings - said: ‘‪#‎BlackPower‬! ‪#‎BlackKnights‬! Sniper Assassins Take Down Five Police Officers! And More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days!’”

Dallas police shooting: 'Black Power group' claims responsibility for police killings and warns of more assassinations to come
By Rachel Bishop and Stephen Jones
Daily Mirror
16:28, 8 Jul 2016
Updated 22:49, 8 Jul 2016

At Breitbart, Lee Stranahan quotes the Facebook page as saying:

Black Power Political Organization – BPPO #‎BlackPower! #‎BlackKnights! Our Mission Is To Free Africa And All Black Based Countries From Non Black Control! And Give Black People The Opportunity They Need To Develop Themselves And Reach Their Full Potential!
We Are A Powerful Political Group Of Patriotic, Pro Black, Pan African Leaders! Who’s Job Is To Rule And Control Africa, And All Black Based Countries! So To Avoid Corruption, Bribery, Exploitation, Non Black Control And Every Form Of Ailments Preventing Black People And Africa From Reaching It’s Full Potential!

To Accomplish Our Goal! We Will Be Working With (Black People Protection Agency AKA “BLACK KNIGHTS”)! A Powerful Group Of Well Trained Professional Sniper Assassins, With Tens Of Thousands Of Assassins Located All Over The World, In Every Country! Who’s Job Is To Hold Government Leaders And Other Powerful People All Over The World Responsible When They Fail To Give Black People Equal Rights And Justice In Their Countries. By Relentlessly Target And Assassinate Government Leaders And Other Powerful Influential People And Their Families, When They Refuse To Do Right By Us Black People!

[Lee Stranahan:] While it is unclear where the shootings have anything specifically to do with the groups who are named, the groups seem to share a militant black power ideology that Breitbart News has been covering in detail.

While it is unclear where the shootings have anything specifically to do with the groups who are named, the groups seem to share a militant black power ideology that Breitbart News has been covering in detail….

The New Black Panther Party is a nationally known black power group headed by Dr. Malika [sic] Zulu Shabazz that is been involved in protest against the George Zimmerman verdict, was involved in organizing the Ferguson protest, and did it to rallies after the Charleston, South Carolina shooting of nine black church attendees.

[Malik Zulu Shabazz handed over power to Hashim Nzinga almost three years ago. Not covering it all that closely, are we?]

Just as there are different terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban that share a common ideology the various black power groups have different organizations but all share a far left, self-determination ideology that considers the United States a restless, imperialist oppressors state that must be destroyed in order to give minorities “freedom.”

Some of this ideology is embodied by groups such as the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, a group that is in favor of both Chicano self-determination and black determination. One of the founders of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza is connected to the Freedom Road Group. Another Black Lives Matter founder, Patrice colors, was mentored under 1960s Weather Underground radical Eric man, who shares the same far left “self-determination” ideology.

The Black Power Political Organization’s website links to the PBS film the Vanguard of the Revolution, a taxpayer-funded film that Breitbart News has previously exposed as being full of lies and mythology about the 1960s Black Panther party. The Black Panthers remained a powerful influence on current day black liberation movements and groups such as Black Lives Matter.

Among the organizations “liked” by the Black Power Political Organization is George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation. [Report: “Black Power Political Organization” Takes Credit for Dallas Massacre, by Lee Stranahan, Breitbart, July 8, 2016.]

To my knowledge, there is no “Black Power Political Organization.” I am convinced that the whole thing is a hoax. My hunch is that the “group” consists of one man, who may be the same man who launched numerous interlocking, black supremacist Web sites with names like “National Black Foot Soldier Network,” Ghetto Bragging Rights, Svengalimedia, Black Male Felon, Underprivileged Journalism, etc. about ten years ago, which had a similar feel to them, which also took credit for murders of whites, including white policemen, and who snookered much of the right-of-center Web, when it claimed to have been behind the 2009 mass murder (by Maurice Clemmons) of four white cops in Lakewood, Washington.

I immediately exposed that hoax, but numerous conservative columnists (e.g., Michelle Malkin) and bloggers continued to repeat the hoax days after I’d exposed it, because they didn’t bother reading me. If they want to look like gullible fools, that’s o.k. by me.

I am convinced that the “Black Power Political Organization” consists of one man, and may even be the exact same man who had such fun creating “National Black Foot Soldier Network,” etc.

The very unfunny aspect of this particular internet hoax is that BPPO could function as a force multiplier among murderous black supremacists, like the black men who have been murdering and seeking to murder white policemen over the past few dies, inspiring black supremacist psychopaths who might otherwise not have acted.


Anonymous said...

When is George Soros going to die and make the world a better place?That's a question I ask in a serious context.Soros has pushed for immigration anarchy,the Clintons may be his successors in helping him achieve his goals--long after he's dead.IF the USA is stupid enough to vote her in,you can guarantee the dissolution of America as we know it...or KNEW it,even 20 years ago.Soros is an evil guy---Clinton,duplicitous with him.That's a menage a trois from hell in my book:Soros,Hillary Rodham Clinton and Obama.Letting Muslims and Mexicans flood in here is not,"what we're about" as Obama says,it's what SOROS is about.
If any of Clinton's supporters would do some research,they'd discover the price to pay for free college education is enormous.Nothing is free,the cost is only redirected elsewhere.In this instance,it is the destruction of America.
As Cronkite would say,"That's the way it is."
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I posted this on a NBC blogsite a short time ago:
"In the U.S. a total of 509 citizens have been killed this year alone by police. The body count for the previous year stands at a grand total of 990 people shot dead, according to the Washington Post. As the below infographic from Statista shows, most of those killed by police are male and white. 123 of those shot were Black Americans. This is a relatively high share, keeping in mind that close to 13 percent of Americans belong to that ethnic group."
And that's the facts,Jack.So this is all a scam,it's b.s.Not at all the overwhelming numbers of black shootings you are being led to believe.I put this squarely on MSM or Black Stream Media like Lester Holt,from NBC News,who DOES NOT put police shootings of white people on his broadcast,but with ill intent,only puts video of blacks being shot--to provoke what's happening around the country.As I said,this is inciting to riot...and the blacks are too stupid to know the truth.They are being lied to and falling for it.
--GR Anonymous