Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Black Supremacist States Attorney Marilyn Mosby: ‘It wasn’t My Fault the Freddie Gray Case was Botched; I Love Cops, but It was the Damned Cops Investigating the Case that Set Me Up for Failure, so that I Couldn’t Railroad the Other Six Damned Cops, but Otherwise, I Love Cops! I come from a Family of (Corrupt) Cops!’



By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat



Anonymous said...

Here's a joke:
What does ABC's 930pm show have in common with NBC's coverage of the Democratic Convention?
--They're both "Blackish".
Haven't watched one minute of that mess.Cubs vs my White Sox tonight--a much better use of my time.

Anonymous said...

An update on Mosby,is that the cops she charged with these fake crimes,are suing HER for false arrest and abuse of power.Good luck to them on receiving their due compensation for this outrageous slander by the black politicos of Baltimore.
Also wanted to comment on the last day of the Dem convention.HRC droned on in that horrible voice of hers.Volume control on the remote was a necessity.The speech itself was not listened to,after the first 2 minutes, because I knew,I could hear the whole spiel from Lesta Holt(see below).
Comments were made about Trumps speech being "redfaced" and "dictator-like".Trump was like a purring cat compared to Joe Biden--who just needed a tiny mustache and a German accent to remind me of someone from WW2.He looked angry-not intense and he looked out of control.
Obama did what Obama does best--lie with gusto.Obama has become a chef:Take a pile of B.S.,add some
wordplay and voice inflection.Heat under TV lights for 20 minutes and you wind up with a B.S.souffle.
Lesta Holt,on Friday's Negro Nightly News,of course reported glowingly on the proceedings.His only mention of Trump,was his daily announcement,that Trump had "again said something that is being assailed by (fill in the blank)".
Phony controversies this week were Trump talking about Russia hacking Clin ton (great joke),putting her in jail after all,and some inane thing about Melania not actually having a degree in fashion.Holt ACTUALLY called that Melania item news.
NBC used to be known as a decent news organization,with Huntley/Brinkley,Chancellor,Brokaw as anchors and great reporters as well.Brian Williams was the first drop in quality and objectivity.Holt has taken the ball and run it into the endzone of extreme liberalism/racism over and over and spiked the ball in our faces.The closer the election gets,the more the news veers to the left.
"And that's the way it is".
--GR Anonymous