Saturday, July 09, 2016

Black Male, Who Claimed to be a Marine, Called in to Fort Worth PD, Threatening to Murder White Policemen, Just Like Micah Xavier Johnson Did in Dallas the Day Before (Disturbing Graphic Twitter Censorship)

I repeatedly tried to post the picture that was central to Ricky's twit, but it never showed up. Then I backspaced at Twit, only to find that Twitter had deleted the twit, in its entirety. The picture, from one of his readers--surely a Fort Worth cop, was of some sort of tablet for policemen, with messages coming in from dispatch. The screen showed a message by a BM (black male) claiming to be a Marine, I believe named Kevin, with his last name blacked out, who was threatening to murder policemen in Forth Worth, in copycat crimes, based on the Houston Massacre.

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