Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ali Sonboly and Chris Harper Mercer: A Tale of Two Cover-Ups (Media Evil)


Moslem Munich Mass Murdering Terrorist, Ali David Sonboly

Chris Harper Mercer: A white supremacist?

[Re: “Media Evil: The BBC Changed the Name of the Munich Terrorist Mass Murderer, from Ali David Sonboly, to David Sonboly, to Deceive Its Audience into Thinking He wasn’t Moslem!”]

By Jerry PDX

Shades of Chris Harper Mercer, the negro Umpqua college shooter. No, this case isn't quite that egregious a cover-up, in Mercer's case the media blared headlines that he was a white supremacist sympathizer and hated black men, and only showed his white father and other white relatives, while omitting any pictures or mentions of his black mother or black relatives. And nowhere in a mainstream article did it mention his black ancestry, it was just kind of ignored. Didn't fool everyone, though. Many in the public posted comments to let the "news" sources know they knew he was black.

It turned into one of the most aggressive campaigns against commenters I've ever seen. Our local "news"paper cut off comments quicker than I've ever seen, to keep the truth from being revealed by the public.

In the Mercer case, the truth never got formally revealed. Mainly because the PC unspoken agreement was followed by all media outlets in the country. If you scan all major news stories, you won't find one single direct mention of Harper Mercer's true racial identity. There might be a few oblique references to him having an "African American" mother buried deep in a few articles but that would be about it, and certainly no references as to why the media declared him to be a "white supremacist," when he was actually black himself, and that there was no actual evidence that he had any white supremacist leanings. It was a media fabrication.

The Ali Sonboly case is a little different. It appears that one major news outlet was going to attempt to "white"wash Sonboly's ethnicity, but the other news outlets didn't get the memo on this one. So, the BBC had to swallow hard, back off the cover-up attempt, and put his actual name out there. Can't help but wonder who is behind the cover-up attempt. I'm guessing it was somebody in a position of power who also happens to be "of color" himself, and/or Muslim leanings. Think of what it's going to be like, as these Muslims infiltrate the corporate infrastructure and political systems more and more....

These kind of cover-ups will become a normal part of our media, just like the cover-up of negro crime is in America. I'm not looking forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

"only showed his white father and other white relatives, while omitting any pictures or mentions of his black mother or black relatives."

a SELF-HATING NEGRO? Or they will say he is like George Zimmerman. A non-white but WHO acts as if he was a white. whitey figuratively but not literally.