Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Journalist Who Has Written More, and Longer, on Black Supremacism and Black-on-White Crime than Anyone Else, Needs Your Help!


This is how I looked when I started writing on black supremacism

This is how I look now

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I started writing on black supremacism in the summer of 1989, for the first issue of my magazine, A Different Drummer, which my printer finally delivered in April, 1990.

That spring, while peddling issue #1, and selling advertising over the phone and in person for issue #2, working as a social worker, and writing freelance newspaper articles, I dove into a research project on race, which issued in a 30,000-word manuscript, which I published in two parts in my next two issues, as “A Black Cultural Revolution.”

I then ran out of money, both for ADD and my apartment, and spent three years doubling up with my mom, sleeping on an army cot in the middle of her studio apartment.

However, I have always come back to these topics, whether it has been for daily newspapers, magazines, webzines or blogs.

Although my guerilla journalism editors pay me for my work (more than I ever earned from “straight” newspaper and magazine editors), it is not nearly enough to support my work or my family. Indeed, I have had periods in which I had more revenue from my generous blog readers than from editors.

A friend once asked me something that many of you surely wonder about: Why don’t I work at a regular job, and do this work on the side? The answer is that it’s impossible to work at this level of quantity and quality, while working at an unrelated, full-time job.

Please make more of the generous donations that have kept me going for lo these many years. Thanks, in advance.


Nicholas Stix

Here are some of the black supremacists and race men whom I’ve exposed, over the years.


The John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Jesse Jackson Sr.

Nation of Islam leader and cop-killer, Louis Farrakhan

Black Panther leader and cop-killer, Fred Hampton

Spike Lee: The failed, would-be Leni Riefenstahl of black supremacism

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith: In 1994, Jada Pinkett announced that she was "better looking" than any white woman


Anonymous said...

How are Eli and Marilyn doing?Blacks certainly are "The Misfits" of our country,aren't they?

jeigheff said...

July 18, 2016

Hi Nicholas,

I made a modest Paypal donation a few minutes ago; I hope it reaches you promptly.

Thanks for all your hard work; it can't be easy. I don't think I could do what you do. Nevertheless, you provide us with a great service.

Jeff, aka jeigheff