Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It isn't April Fools’ Day, so This Can't be an April Fools’ Day Joke: First Black Miss Alabama Winner Calls Dallas Black Supremacist Mass Murderer a “Martyr”

By Reader-Researcher RC


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Anonymous said...

Tonight-for the first time since all this started--when the Baton Rouge and Minnesota videos came out,someone on A network (it was only Foxnews,but it's a on a guest that brought up the point I made almost immediately.
News networks are only playing vids of blacks and cops having confrontations--and none of whites--by choice.Author Heather McDonald appeared on O'Reilly tonight and said,"If videos were shown of white people in the same situation,the fallacy of racism would fall by the wayside."O'Reilly though,thickheaded as he is sometimes,really never followed up on it.Still,it was a breakthrough of slight proportions .If this fact could start making its way around the major networks,maybe a moratorium on these videos being shown--until AFTER an investigation is at least preliminarily completed,could be initiated.It just makes sense!!!!