Friday, July 29, 2016

Nation of Islam Sympathizer-Terrorist-Mass Murderer Micah X. Johnson, Who Slaughtered Five White Policemen in Dallas, Hoarded Grenade, Pills, Panties in His Army Sleeping Bag in Afghanistan, Before He was Thrown Out of the Service, for Sexual Harassment

By A Texas Reader

Yeah, and he was also friends with a white female while he was stationed in Afghanistan.

Speaking of which, why has no intrepid reporter tracked her down, and interviewed her?



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx

"It's all you whiteys I see killin' your own parents and kids and sh**....."

That is a typical Afroracist retort, I've had that one and a number of variations of it used against me many times. Of course there are plenty of reports of black family members killing each other but they don't get movies and books made about them, or constant pop culture reference like the Menendez brothers do.
Case in point, just caught this headline: The son of former NFL player Antonio Armstrong has just been arrested for the murder of his parents. According to reports he shot them both to death.
This just hit the news so there are no details, likely there will be some token surface psychoanalysis and then some pitiful wailing and hand wringing about the poor boy being so messed up in the head he couldn't help but act out by killing his parents, but he'll never be portrayed as evil and calculating the way the aforementioned Menendez brothers were. That's typical of how the media handles this kind of this kind of negro behavior.

Anonymous said...

Similar attitude in Buffalo,as a "White Lives Matter" rally is being scheduled.The quote that hit me was one Buffalo city councilman who said,"There's no reason to have a White Lives Matter march--whites haven't lost any civil rights like blacks have".
Whites have lost many civil rights--too many to mention.Some are:
The right to walk in various neighborhoods without fear of being robbed and killed by blacks.
The right to keep your wages,instead of having more and more tax money get removed for black welfare and section 8 housing.
The denial of college to whites because of affirmitive action admittance to less intelligent blacks.
That's just 3 that come to mind in a minute.
The only negative part of the Buffalo deal is it's put together by a neo-Nazi group.Not a good reflection of what whites need representing them--just from sheer image.What's needed is a middle class march by whites--but they're too timid at this point in time to start a backlash against what's happening.
Me,I'm going to my neighborhood group to find out why the cops dropped weapons charges
against some Mexican punks a few days ago.That's my thing and has been the last 5 years.
Wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

Also :

Blacks can go to ALL black colleges or go to integrated colleges, ALL White colleges are ILLEGAL, Whites do NOT have a choice in colleges, but blacks do

Blacks can start scholarship programs just for blacks, it is ILLEGAL for Whites to have scholarship programs just for Whites

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Blacks can have all kinds of legal organizations and political caucuses in Washington and in State governments, it is ILLEGAL for Whites to have any political organizations and politcal caucuses representing White Americans in Washington and the State governments. Even black immigrants from Africa have political organizations and political caususes in Washington and many State governments, while it's ILLEGAL for the descendants of America's White founding stock or any White Americans period to have any political organizations and political caucuses representing America's White population. That's how usurped the United States is.

The blacks actually have MORE Rights in the United States than do us White Americans, even the black immigrants from Africa who just arrived here this morning have MORE LEGAL RIGHTS than do us White Americans. I'm getting real tired of blacks acting as if they have less rights than us White Americans when IN FACT they have MORE LEGAL RIGHTS than us White Americans. And The Race Baiting politicians from all races fully well know the blacks have MORE LEGAL RIGHTS than us White Americans. Many low level blacks know it too, that they have alot of Legal Rights us White Americans do NOT have.

From : Salvatore