Saturday, July 16, 2016

Has LeBron James Joined the Bowtie Brigade of Louis Farrakhan’s Murderous, Cop-Killing, Black Supremacist, Nation of Islam?




A tip ‘o the hate to my Oak Park, Illinois writer friend, Jim Bowman.

Some genius is going to tell me, “He was wearing a bowtie, because he was in a tux for the ESPYs, you racist idiot!”

But none of the other three black men wearing tuxes in the photograph with James wore bowties, and it is extremely rare for a black man today to wear a bow tie who is not a member of what I have dubbed the Bowtie Brigade of the murderous Nation of Islam.


About a year ago, when I referred to a black man wearing a bowtie as an NOI member, an anonymous coward informed me that if you go into any black church on Sunday, you’ll see lots of middle-aged black men in bowties who are not members of the NOI.

Like I always say, the First Law of Lying is plausibility.

That would be like saying that the fact that a young black man in a black neighborhood is dressed in blue doesn’t for a moment mean he’s a member of the Crips gang, any more than his being dressed in red would mean he’s a member of the Bloods gang.

Don’t pee on my leg, and tell me that it’s raining.

I’ve been covering the NOI since 2004, black supremacism since 1989, and living in Jim Snow America almost my entire life.

[Of related interest: “The Racist Slaughter and Political Takeover Campaigns of the Black Supremacist Nation of Islam: A Bibliography.”]

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Anonymous said...

Black Muslim, Black Muslim, Black Muslim.

If not in reality then in their heart.