Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Let’s Give a Hand to the 2016 Democratic National Convention! The Most Corrupt Candidate in History, in Bed with the Most Corrupt News Network! Yay! (Rogues' Gallery/Infographic)


Anonymous said...

I 'd say there's AT LEAST a 5 way tie for most corrupt:NBC,CBS,CNN,ABC,MSNBC.Still think Negro Broadcasting Network(NBC)is the most dangerous.Lesta Holt elevated M.Obama to sainthood tonight,while all he could say about Melania Trump was "plagiarism ".
No corruption there.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Another diversity murder of a beautiful young white woman in Oregon just hit the news. The girl was Kaylee Sawyer a 23 yr. old college student, the perp was 31 yr. old Edwin Lara, a security guard at the college she attended, he "allegedly" (accidentally will be claimed) hit her with his security vehicle. Then he goes on a crime spree, he first goes home to his wife (who coincidentally is a policewoman and for some reason takes no action), tells her what happens and takes a gun, he then goes on a crime spree, kidnapping 3 people and committing other crimes. According to the news article, he has no criminal history prior to that. He appears to be a latino though it's a bit ambiguous, he's clearly not white, his picture is in the 1st link I'm sending.

Why would someone who has a job, is married, went to school suddenly go crazy and tear out on a crime spree? Is it because he accidentally killed a woman? Why would an accident cause him to suddenly throw his life away? I'm going to guess that it wasn't an accident, he tried something with this woman, perhaps an attempted rape and she resisted, in a rage he ran her over or killed her another way and then maybe tried to cover it up by staging a car accident. According to the article he studied criminal justice so maybe realized he wasn't going to get away with it so just decided to run. This all just hit the news so there's likely to be more information, I admit this is speculation but whenever I hear a murderer claim an "accident" I get concerned, especially when it's non white criminals, there are always those who want to give them as much benefit of the doubt as possible, I'm worried he'll only be convicted of involuntary manslaughter or something rather than actual murder. I don't believe for a second this was an accident, not with the background information around this incident.

One more thing, one of his kidnap victims was another beautiful young white girl, I think we have a good idea what he may have had in mind for her.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a BlacLat.