Saturday, July 16, 2016

On the Disenfranchisement of White Lawmen: The Meditations of a Retired 30-Year Man


Slager in police uniform with black criminal, and in prison uniform with black judge

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

A Retired, 30-Year Lawman Comments on the Federal Civil Rights Case Against Michael Slager

I believe that the Federal prosecution is an attempt to push for a plea in a case that will be extremely difficult to prove. Especially in the context of the not guilty verdicts that just occurred in Baltimore. They are piling charges onto a defendant that has been at times held without bond, tried in the court of liberal public opinion by the MSM and had his employment terminated. He has no income, a family to worry about and now he knows even if he wins a not guilty verdict he will face a second round of prosecutions for the same event in federal court.

While it is relatively rare for cops to be charged with civil rights violations in federal court when they have already been charged in a state court, it is frequent enough that we all know it is always looming in the background. The federal courts are actually easier to obtain a conviction in than the state courts. If there is any doubt, ask the officers from the Rodney King case. They were all exonerated in the state court and later found guilty in federal court. The federal prosecutions were flawed and you are aware of all the issues there.

The fact is, this man who should have the [same] rights as regular citizens, does not. He has been treated differently at every step in the process. From being held without bond to the most recent event of being charged by the federal court system….

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Anonymous said...

"The federal courts are actually easier to obtain a conviction in than the state courts."

This is correct! The feds seek a venue where they stack the jury with lots and lots of minorities.