Saturday, July 16, 2016

Michael Slager: The Ongoing Judicial Torture of a White Policeman Caught in Anti-Cop Hysteria Grinds on (My New VDARE Report is Up!)


The black criminal and the white cop he repeatedly assaulted, while seeking to escape custody

While Black Lives Matter Copycats Murder Police Across the Country, the Persecution of White Police Officer Michael Slager Continues
By Nicholas Stix

So #BlackLivesMatter means #Blue/WhiteLivesDon’t, in Dallas and copycat killings across the country. [ It’s not just Dallas — police officers have been killed across the country , by Erica Evans, LA Times, June 13, 2016] Naturally the Lying Press is now working especially hard, with cuckservatives’ compliance, to keep the Narrative focused on white guilt [Enough Already With “All Lives Matter,” by Jeffrey Kluger, Time Magazine, July 11 , 2016] and away from Donald Trump’s potentially embarrassing call for law and order. Already down the Memory Hole: the recent collapse of several other BLM Narratives. Unfortunately also forgotten: the ongoing judicial torture of a white policeman caught in one of these hysterias—South Charleston SC police officer Michael Slager.

Last month saw the acquittal of the second of six Baltimore police officers accused in the death of drug dealer Freddie Grey and a Grand Jury refusing even to indict another police officer in the ludicrously-overhyped McKinney pool brawl case (but he’s still unemployed) . [Grand jury declines to indict ex-cop involved in McKinney pool party, by Julieta Chiquillo, Dallas Morning News, June 23, 2016] Nevertheless, the Slager prosecution is still lurching forward, although showing increasing signs of collapsing into judicial chaos….

[Read the whole thing at VDARE.]

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