Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Philando Castile-Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds Ghetto Lottery Show

I found a blog called gofraudme, where people had posted videos that “Diamond” aka “Lavish” (aka “Precious”?) had uploaded of her smoking pot in front of her four-year-old daughter (child abuse, and thus grounds for having the child removed from her care), and where I encountered someone calling herself Heidi Pedersen.

Heidi Pedersen
July 9, 2016 at 5:58 am

Ok can I speak? People donated thousands of dollars believing it would go to Diamond and her daughter (the survivors). The first account the funds have been released to phils mom , and the second to phils sister. THE ONLY LEGIT account is the very last one posted by Diamonds best friend. It can also be verfied because it is also posted directly on Diamonds facebook where the origional video was live to begine with. Please concider that this woman needs so many things. She was engaged and not married to Phil. Her daughter Phil raised is not his biological daughter, so neither of them will be recieving any kind of survivor benifits. Diamond worked 2 jobs (which she can not work now due to the horrific event that just happened) and Phil worked 1 job as well. So this woman now has 0 income. The family car is ruined and splattered with her boyfriends car. She is unsafe where she is living so she will likely need to relocate. She is going to need a really good lawyer to fight for justice for what happened to her boyfriend right in front of her and her daughter. They are both going to need extensive therapy. So please, if your going to donate, the one her best friend is hosting that is the only account where she will see a penny of this money. Thank you. [Gofundme link removed by N.S.]

Nicholas Stix
July 13, 2016 at 4:51 am

“Diamond and her daughter (the survivors).” Diamond and her daughter are not the survivors. The only survivors are Philando Castile’s family.

You sound like a scam artist. Indeed, every single person “raising money,” as far as I can see, is only ripping off suckers. You have no connection to Philando Castile’s family, nor does Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds. Reynolds was neither married to, nor engaged to Castile, and was not the mother of his child. Someone referred to the child as Castile’s “step-daughter,” but that is just more of a con-job. Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds was just a woman who sometimes slept with Philando Castile, and who was guilty of child neglect or abuse for smoking dope in front of her 4-year–old, whom she forced to inhale her narcotic smoke.

“Diamond worked 2 jobs (which she can not work now due to the horrific event that just happened) and Phil worked 1 job as well. So this woman now has 0 income. The family car is ruined and splattered with her boyfriends car. She is unsafe where she is living so she will likely need to relocate.”

Of course, she can work. She’s working the media full-time, i.e., she’s not suffering any ill-effects. She has decided that she is going to clean up on this incident, and you’re helping, assuming you’re not her working under another pseudonym. She’s not in any danger; that’s just another bald-faced lie. And she has no need for money for any “really good lawyer to fight for justice for what happened to her boyfriend.” She has no standing to sue. The only lawyers who will fight for “justice” are prosecutors, who are paid by the taxpayers, and who will only get to work the case, if a grand jury passes a clean bill to indict the cop who shot Castile. Thus, you are a scam artist, and so is Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, assuming you’re not the same person.


Anonymous said...

 I posted this yesterday,along the same lines:
Anonymous said...Todays Black Lotto contestant is the Castile family who hired TV judge Glenda Hatchett for the upcoming civil lawsuit--which,after all,is really the important result in all these cases.
Philando Castile's mother made a speech that seemed to be more ignitive than calming today,as she put in her bid for becoming a multi-millionaire.Castile's girlfriend also put on a stellar acting performance with lots of tears.
I'm of the opinion that criminality cannot be proven in this case--without video of the entire incident.But I also believe this will be settled out of court quickly and may become the biggest Black Lotto payout yet.One reason?Hatchett has to get enough of a cut to keep HERSELF in furs as well.

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I just had an argument with an Afroracist who claimed he had FBI stats indicating white men commit crimes against children at astronomical levels, as opposed to black men who don't do dat shit. I requested he send me a URL to his source, he refused to send me anything and just changed the subject every time I asked. He didn't have any source, I told him he was a racist liar, which he is. It's on Youtube and you can actually read our little debate if you care to scroll down the comments:

I just prefaced with that because it underscores how black America believes to it's very soul that only white men molest, kidnap and abuse children while black America treats their little babies like gold (with only rare, rare exceptions only).

However, if you read the news a little more thoroughly than just glancing at the front pages you see plenty of stories of "African American" child molesters, kidnappers, abusers etc... Here is one of those stories. It fortunately had a happy ending when a black man tried to snatch a 4 yr. old white girl with her mother only feet away, people saw him and chased after, apprehending him and saving the child.

The kidnappers name is: Terry Ransom

Here is his picture:

Note he does the typical negro thing of proudly tilting his head and trying to look down on people in front of him, after all he's a victim of 400 yrs. oppression!

Here is a youtube video of the kidnapping, you can watch it here without having to wait through ads.

This just happened but I already spotted a report where the family of the perp is claiming mental problems, you know, the crazy card, what black America say whitey does every time he gets caught doing something bad.

Adrienne said...

Yo Mr Stix,

Thanks for your thoughtful comment on Gofraudme and weighing in on this. If you look around a bit on my site, you'll see that I have serious issues with A LOT of fools hitting the "lotto" via GoFundMe, not just this particular case.

I don't care that much that they maybe smoked a blunt two days before (I'm a libertarian, after all) but can't stand how so many people take their alleged 'loved one' dying as an opportunity to strike it rich via crowdfunding. It's parasitic and disgusting; if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I will haunt the everloving shit out of any moron 'friend' of mine who fires up a GoFundMe page for me. Burn me in the crematorium and throw my ashes in the James River, fuck your opportunistic funeral crap.

Kyle McKenna said...

Well of course it's a pseudonym. No actual person named 'Heidi Pedersen' would display such appalling command of the English language, and I use the word 'command' ironically at best.

My guess is you're right: it's Miss Lavish herself.