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It’s the Usual, on Okinawa: Yet Another Japanese Woman Raped and Murdered by Yet Another Black American Man; This is Why so Many Foreign Saloons are Off-Limits to Our Servicemen!


War crime victim Rina Shimabukuro

By Jerry PDX

There has been another rape/murder of a Japanese woman in Okinawa. Not surprisingly, the perp is a black man named Kenneth Franklin Shinzato. He is a former Marine, now military contractor, another in a long line of sexually violent soldiers in Okinawa who just happen to be black.

There is a firestorm in Japan over this. Unlike the U.S., which works hard to downplay sexual violence committed by negroes, the Japanese are protesting vehemently. Is any mainstream source ever going to point out the enormous disproportion of US military-related sexual violence being committed by American blacks? I can't help but wonder if the Japanese are aware of it, and actually talk about it, but the US media refuses to mention it.

[N.S.: I’m sure the Japs are, and they do.]

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Confessed war criminal Kenneth Franklin Shinzato

Okinawa slaying prompts local assemblies to pass protest resolutions over U.S. military presence

• May 24, 2016
Japan Times

NAHA, OKINAWA PREF. – Several municipal assemblies in Okinawa Prefecture unanimously passed resolutions Tuesday to protest the slaying of a local woman to which a civilian U.S. base worker has reportedly confessed.

The assemblies in Naha, the prefectural capital, and Uruma, where the victim, Rina Shimabukuro, 20, lived, also passed a resolution calling for reducing U.S. bases in Okinawa and a drastic review of the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

The Nago Municipal Assembly passed a similar resolution.

SOFA, which governs the management and operation of the U.S. military in Japan, is intended to serve U.S. interests, including protecting U.S. servicemen from being subject to what the United States sees as unfair criminal or civil justice systems.

The development came after police last Thursday arrested Kenneth Franklin Shinzato, a 32-year-old former U.S. Marine, for allegedly dumping Shimabukuro’s body. Investigative sources say Shinzato has admitted killing Shimabukuro after sexually assaulting her.

The incident has stoked anger among residents who already feel burdened with the heavy U.S. military presence in the prefecture.

“Citizens in the city and the prefecture are deeply shocked and worried. Deep sorrow and strong anger are growing,” the Uruma Municipal Assembly said in a statement.

“It is absolutely wrong that we have to live here while at the same time be frightened by crimes committed by U.S. military personnel and base workers,” the Naha Municipal Assembly said, adding that it will send the resolution to the U.S. government and opinions to the chairs of both chambers of the Diet.

The Defense Ministry and the U.S. Department of Defense, however, expressed reluctance to review SOFA.

Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said at a news conference Tuesday, “Investigation of this case has been carried out rigorously based on Japan’s right to investigate and jurisdiction under the Status of Forces Agreement.”

Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said Monday that the United States and Japan have been improving the way the agreement is applied and will continue with the effort.

Adm. Harry Harris, head of the U.S. Pacific Command, offered an apology over the incident in Okinawa when he talked Monday with Adm. Katsutoshi Kawano, chief of the Joint Staff of the Self-Defense Forces, over the phone.

Harris and Kawano reaffirmed the view that the Japan-U.S. alliance plays a vital role in maintaining regional peace and security, and that the two countries will continue to work to realize a deeper alliance.

According to investigative sources, Shinzato said he drove around for several hours looking for a woman to rape. He was also quoted as saying he strangled and stabbed Shimabukuro before stuffing her body into a suitcase and transporting it in his car.

The Okinawa Prefectural Police suspect Shinzato may have planned the incident beforehand, as he had placed the suitcase in his car earlier. He reportedly told the police that he threw the suitcase away, but he later became silent.

Shimabukuro went missing after she texted her boyfriend at around 8 p.m. April 28 to say she was going for a walk. Her remains were found Thursday in a wooded area in the village of Onna, about a 40-minute drive from her home.

The remains showed marks consistent with being stabbed with a knife, according to investigators.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Remember the movie Casualties of War starring Michael J. Fox? And there was another movie about a military rape made more recently called "Redacted". Guess what these movies have in common? The perps were safely white (with maybe a token hispanic or two thrown in). Couldn't have guessed that could you? I recall seeing documentaries on news magazines like 20/20 or 60 minutes about sexual assault in the military, they always focus on white perps, with maybe very rare exceptions, though I can't think of one offhand. Somehow, despite the regular news reports of black rapists in the military those stories never make the cut for the PC entertainment industry or mainstream documentaries.

The movie angle makes me think of the movie: The Accused, starring noted lesbians (and man haters) Jodi Foster and Kelly McGillis. A gang of white men in the backroom of a bar sexually assault a woman and lo and behold, a movie must be made. OK, fine but will there ever be a movie made about black men openly sexually assaulting white women in our streets, such as the Seattle Mardi Gras day assaults where a gang of negroes murdered a young white man who tried to defend a woman they were sexually assaulting? Or the New York latino day sexual assaults where gangs of black roamed around assaulting white women in full view of people and cameras?

Ironically, when Kelly McGillis was a young actress in New York, she was gang raped by racist blacks who hurled racial slurs at her while they raped her, doesn't matter though, she toes the Hollywood PC line and will never suggest they had racist bias and no one else will either. Too bad she wasn't a black woman and the perps white, then her story would have been waved around Hollywood like a flag in order to demonize white men.

Anonymous said...

The past 24hrs of stories about black violence is very disturbing.Just as disturbing is the lack of
reporting about it(besides here).As mentioned,why not make a realistic rape movie with the most likely assailant being black?Because media in general are not being realistic about ANY black behavior.Commercials are anti-white,pro black...News shows are slanted against reporting black abhorrent activity (individually or in gangs)and movies have been serving slave movies up and other fare that shows blacks as victims but never criminals.
What would change this?I only hope it's a change in the White House to Trump.This has become such a farce and the disparity between fact and fiction is as wide as it is ridiculous.
--GR Anonymous