Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jury Selection Begins in Tracey Biletnikoff Murder Trial


Murder victim Tracey Biletnikoff


By David in TN

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Mischief by Ninth Circus Leads to New Trial for Mohammed Haroon Ali, Who in 1999 Confessed to Killing Fred Biletnikoff’s Daughter, Tracey; Defense Attorney Seeks to Re-Define Murder Without Premeditation (2nd Degree) as ‘Manslaughter.’”]

On Monday, jury selection began in San Mateo in the murder trial of Mohammed Haroon Ali for the murder of Tracey Biletnkoff. The victim was the daughter of pro football hall of fame wide receiver, Fred Biletnikoff.

Ali and Biletnikoff met in a drug rehab program, and worked as counselors. Later, they dated.

Ali admitted to strangling Tracey Biletnikoff after the two had an argument over the defendant's relapse into drug and alcohol abuse.

It should be noted that we only have Ali’s word that there was an argument.

The verdict was overturned because the appellate court ruled the prosecutor had excluded black jurors for “prejudicial” reasons.


Tracey Biletnikoff's murderer, Mohammed Haroon Ali



AnalogMan said...

And if the victim had had the good sense to exclude black boyfriends for prejudicial reasons, she would be alive today. I know it's not PC to "blame the victim" but really, it's not as if this were unprecedented. Play with fire; get burned.

Umatilla said...


Overlooking that you are obviously a racist for the moment if you were even somewhat well educated or had a three digit IQ you would have taken the time to find out more about this case. The defendant is not black (which puts the 9th court's decision more in question) and the victim had broken up with the defendant before he killed her.

Maybe someday you will have a loved one, say a daughter, murdered by a person who is not within the racial barriers you set for your daughter and then you can eulogize her at her funeral with the reminder to all those present, "this is what happens when you date outside of your race".

cutter8 said...

Let us not forget this is not about him it is about what he did to her,And how her light was dimmed well before her time.
We all love and miss her so much
RIP and may god shine over you

Anonymous said...

If any of you had done your homework you would know that the prospected juror would have been excused regardless of race, color, lifestyle...the purpose is to get well suited jurors for the case, and like many, many others that were reviewed and excused, this one was not a fit.