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The Gouger II: Exulam I. Holman Allegedly Gouged Out Uncle’s Eyes Over TV Remote



Mug shot of Exulam I. Holman, who stands accused of gouging out his uncle's eyes



By Nicholas Stix


For the second time in less than nine months, a black man has been arrested and charged with gouging out his uncle's eyes.


The previous case came on April 18, when Timayo Sharraud Knight, 31, gouged both of his uncle, Bonnie Pogue's, 79, eyes out with a spoon, in the elderly, disabled man's home in Prichard, Alabama. Pogue died five days later of his wounds.


[See "Man Kills His Uncle by Gouging His Eyes Out with a Spoon."]


Note that the Chicago Tribune—by far, Chicago's biggest newspaperhad only 70 words to spare for this story. Its editors refused to mention Holman's violent criminal history, that the victim was his uncle, or even that Holman's tear drop tattoos are a gang identification, and may signify that a comrade or loved one has been killed (empty teardrop), and/or that one has killed the killer (filled-in teardrop).


This is yet another sad day in the decline of a once-great daily newspaper.



Man accused of gouging relative's eyes over TV remote

January 04, 2012

Chicago Tribune

By Anonymous


A 32-year-old Joliet-area man accused of gouging out a relative's eyes on New Year's Eve was formally charged Wednesday with aggravated domestic battery and aggravated battery to a senior citizen.

Will County Sheriff's Police took Exulam I. Holman into custody around 10 p.m. at his home on the 1000 block of McKay Street. Holman remained in the Will County Adult Detention Facility this afternoon in lieu of $1 million bail.

[N.S.: That's it. Newspaper persons pride themselves on being more thorough than TV and radio reporters, and yet the CBS' Chicago affiliate put The Trib to shame. The Trib really didn't want to cover this story at all.]


Police: Man Gouges Out Uncle's Eyes

January 3, 2012 7:24 PM 


UPDATED 01/04/12 9:36 a.m.

JOLIET TOWNSHIP, Ill. (CBS) – Bond has been set at $1 million for a career criminal, accused of gouging out his uncle's eyes while the two men fought over a remote control New Year's Eve in southwest suburban Joliet Township.

As WBBM Newsradio's Mike Krauser reports, Will County Sheriff's police were called shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday to a residence in the 1100 block of McKay Street in Joliet Township, where a 62-year-old man reported he'd been attacked.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio's Mike Krauser reports

A deputy was allowed inside and found the victim at the bottom of the basement stairs with his hands stretched out in front of him, saying, "Please help. I cannot see," reports said.

The victim, whose name was not released, had "blood streaming from both eyeballs, covering his face below his eyes. Both of his eyeballs were swollen, dislocated and were protruding approximately a quarter-inch from the eye sockets," police said.

The man told police he and his nephew, Exulam I. Holman, 32, had been arguing over the TV's remote control. Both men live at the McKay Street home.

Holman broke the remote on the ground, pushed his uncle to the kitchen floor and straddled him. Holman is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 280 pounds. His uncle is five inches shorter and weighs 140 pounds less.

The victim told deputies that Holman "inserted his thumbs into his eyes … and attempted to pry the eyeballs out of the sockets."

Holman then allegedly pushed his uncle down the basement stairs.

Despite being in "excruciating" pain and losing consciousness, he was able to call 911.

A deputy found Holman in a locked bedroom and arrested him on a charge of aggravated domestic battery.

The victim was taken to Silver Cross Hospital and later transferred to the University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital for advanced care.

Sources reported he is now blind in his left eye and will require additional surgery for the limited vision in his right.

On Tuesday, Holman's bond was set at $1 million.

Police report he has been arrested 25 times since 1999 for aggravated assault, aggravated battery, domestic battery, violating orders of protection, resisting arrest and numerous driving violations after previous convictions on weapons and narcotics charges.

In 1999, then-Joliet Officer Bernard Mooney allegedly beat Holman while breaking up a dice game in Joliet.

Holman received a $100,000 settlement after threatening to file a lawsuit over his broken nose, and Mooney was fired from the department.

The following summer, another officer allegedly found Holman passed out behind the wheel of a car running in the 1300 block of Woodruff Road in Joliet. When Holman woke up and was told he'd be arrested for driving under the influence, he put the car in gear and struck the police officer, causing minor injuries.

[N.S.: So, what was the result, if anything, of that attack?]

The Sun-Times Media contributed to this report.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this story.] 


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