Tuesday, January 11, 2011

With “Reporter” in Haiti, It’s Like Déjà vu All Over … and Over … and Over Again

By Nicholas Stix

About 8:40 a.m., Fox Five hosts Greg Kelly (son of NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly) and Rosanna Scotto, had a hookup with alleged reporter, Jonathan Katz, from AP.

Rather than emphasize, say… the truth, about how the billions we sent to Haiti were stolen (The Boss says Katz alluded to that in passing), Katz talks of the need to “build institutions,” and insists that much of the money pledged at the UN never arrived. (Pledged by whom? Third-world kleptocrats and oil rich dictators like Hugo Chavez and Arab Moslems?) He wants us to send more money.

People have been keening that we send “more money,” and help “build institutions” in Haiti for 100 years. And our crooked leaders always picked our pockets, and obliged the keeners.

And of course, we should take all of the 70-IQ criminal ordinary Haitians, and the snobby, pseudo-aristocratic Little Frenchmen criminals with IQs of 100 who comprise the Haitian elite—you know, doctors, engineers, and rocket scientists—so they can bring more of the vibrant diversity to America that has for centuries made Haiti a must-see tourist destination.

I think Katz is innocent of the charge of reporter, but I charge him with being an America Last socialist or communist.

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