Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Was Jared Loughner a Murderous Jewish Anti-Semite?

By Nicholas Stix

By Nicholas Stix
Revised and updated at 9:36 a.m., on Wednesday, January 12, 2011.

It seems that among the MSM’s brilliant moves in “explaining” the Tucson Massacre, is playing the anti-Semitism card.

But mass murderer Jared Lee Loughner’s old friend, Bryce Tierney, reportedly told Mother Jones writer Nick Baumann that Loughner’s mother is a Jew. I just so happen to be familiar with the technical term for the child of a Jewish mother: A Jew. If Tierney is correct, unless Loughner had since converted to another faith, he is still a Jew.

That doesn’t make it impossible for him to be an anti-Semite. Lord knows, I’ve encountered enough Jewish anti-Semites in my life in New York City. Heck, I’ve got a few in the family! (The War Among the Jews is one of the great many fascinating conflicts that both the MSM and fringe anti-Semites refuse, for different reasons, to report on in this country. Among famous writers, to my knowledge only David Mamet, in his movie Homicide, has treated of the matter.) However, when a Jewish-owned and edited magazine such as The New Republic (or really, any MSM outlet) plays the anti-Semitism card, it is presuming that the source of the hatred is gentile.

Granted, I have never known a Jewish anti-Semite to express his prejudice via murder. That’s just Exhibit Z for how twisted Loughner is.

(While murderously anti-Semitic Jews, such as George Soros and Adam Shapiro do exist, I have never known any of them to kill Jews with their own hands. Rather, they seek to help gentiles murder Jews.)

Meanwhile, even law enforcement authorities have admitted that there is no evidence for Loughner having been tied to any conservative political groups, let alone being associated with American Renaissance. (For the record, I am a proud, longtime contributor to AmRen.) However, since in contrast to the Left, American Renaissance and its sponsor, the New Century Foundation, are organizations which shun violence, being associated with them would tend to inhibit, rather than provoke violence.

Unlike the John Doe calling himself Barack Hussein Obama, AR/NCF founder Jared Taylor has no terrorists among his associates.

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