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Cincinnati, 2002: Return of the Lynch Mob

By Nicholas Stix

May 31, 2002
Toogood Reports/A Different Drummer

If the media refuses to cover a black race riot, did it take place? That’s what some folks are asking themselves, in the light of recent rampages by racist, black mobs in Cincinnati and Arlington, Texas. Of course, were it not for the Internet, virtually no one not a victim, or a friend or loved one of a victim, would even know about the attacks.

Cincinnati’s Black Race Riot, 2002 — we may have to develop new naming strategies, depending on whether black lynch mobs become a yearly, monthly, or more frequent occurrence — occurred in broad daylight, on Monday, April 15. (See my columns on the 2001 riots: “Cincinnati Burning,” and “Cincinnati: Recipe for a Riot.”) As Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Peter Bronson — the only writer to confront what happened — opened his April 19 column (“What was the Excuse This Time?”):

There was no police shooting, no reverends shouting for justice this time – just 300 black people blocking Vine Street on Monday night, pelting cars with rocks, bottles and eggs and yelling “get whitey.”

Some cities would call that a riot. Cincinnati didn’t even call it a “disturbance.” The headline over a 3-inch story in the Enquirer the next day said, “Fight draws crowd; police close street.”

Witnesses and police reports showed something worse: frightening attacks on cars driven by white people, while cars driven by blacks were waved through.

Police said it started when two girls, ages 14 and 17, started throwing punches in the street. As cops arrested the girls, the 14-year-old struggled and spit in the face of one officer. The 17-year-old’s brother, 12, jumped on a cop – and it took two more to restrain him.

The crowd swelled to 300, and 20 to 50 people began throwing things. The cops backed off to regroup.

Police logs show several calls from trapped motorists.

“Group of male black suspects threw rocks, eggs at his car; yelled things about his being white,” says one dispatcher’s report.

“They were running up and throwing things at the windows of cars and yelling, ‘Get whitey,’” said a woman who did not want to be named because she lives nearby and fears reprisals.

In April of last year, the excuse du jour was the fatal shooting, by Officer Steven Roach — since acquitted, in spite of the attempt by the local political establishment to sacrifice him — of Timothy Thomas. Thomas, 19, who had 14 outstanding misdemeanor warrants on him, had run when Roach told him to stop. Thomas led Officer Roach, 27, a white, three-and-a-half-year veteran with an exemplary record, down a chase through the dark, back alleys of the racist, black slum of Over-the-Rhine. Officer Roach fired his weapon, after he thought he saw Thomas go for a weapon. [Postscript, 2011: Thomas may have reached for his waistband, to keep his pants from falling down.]

The riots that exploded for several days in Over-the-Rhine, did not start spontaneously. Officer Roach killed Thomas on April 7; the riots didn’t begin until April 9. Black leaders who wanted peace could have prevented bloodshed. Rather, the riots were a call-and-response scenario pairing a rogues’ gallery of racist black leaders, led by the Rev. Damon Lynch III, and the black criminal class that rules Over-the-Rhine. The Rev. Lynch is the head of the Cincinnati Black United Front, a black supremacist organization specializing in the extortion of white business and political leaders. (The national Black United Front, headquartered in Chicago, is run by warlord Conrad Worrill, one of the leaders of the slave reparations movement.) Lynch and Councilwoman Alicia Reece — Cincinnati’s answer to Maxine Waters — held a City Council meeting hostage, and called out the riots.

The Cincinnati media did their part, too, in misrepresenting the Thomas shooting as a case of white-on-black racism, and arguing that the fifteen black men shot dead by Cincinnati police over the course of five years represented a pattern of racist, police violence, rather than a pattern of racist, black violence, in which boys as young as 12-year-old cop-killer Courtney Mathis (whose victim, Officer Kevin Crayon, was black), had been taught to refuse to comply with orders from police officers, to attack them, and even to murder them.

Special mention must go to Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Barry Horstman, who misrepresented the justified police shooting of Michael Carpenter, by writing as if officers Brent McCurley and Michael Miller had been stalking Carpenter. Horstman fed into the black, racist myth according to which white police officers hunt for innocent, black men. In fact, McCurley and Miller had determined that Carpenter had outstanding warrants, and were attempting to arrest him, when Carpenter, who had gotten into his car, tried to run down one officer, and drag the other one to his death.

Note that the ideology of black racism is so hate-driven that most of the Cincinnati cops shot or killed by black suspects during the five years before the Thomas shooting were themselves black, but Cincinnati’s black hatemongers do not grieve for them.

After the riots last year, the Rev. Damon Lynch III bragged that the violence had brought white businessmen “out of the woodwork,” to offer payoffs. Funny, but I wasn’t aware that criminals hit up termites for extortion money.

Since the riots he incited, Lynch also helped organize a racial “boycott” of his own city. This is odd on a number of levels. First of all, a city laid to waste would seem to need all the help it could get. Damon Lynch III’s idea of “help” is to extort money from white businessmen and politicians under the threat of further riots. Lynch hates the productive path of economic development through ensuring a safe environment, with a diligent, educated work force that will entice entrepreneurs to invest in starting up or expanding businesses. Lynch is a warlord who lives off of plunder and extortion through war, and the threat of war. His economic model is that of terror and continual economic contraction, rather than peace and economic expansion. He would prefer that Cincinnati look like war-ravaged Kabul, rather than the clean, hard-working “Queen City” of its own past.

The most effective “boycott” is the one that whites are already engaging in, in response to the 2001 riots. What person in his right mind would want to risk his money, property, life and loved ones, by visiting a place where blacks think they can rob and murder whites at will? And what political official with a shred of decency would reward criminals for rioting and looting, by sending ADDITIONAL taxpayer largesse to their neighborhood, while shortchanging hard-working neighborhoods, which will then begin their own descent down the slippery slope to rule by warlords? (Before you write to mock me, I said, “with a shred of decency.”)

Racist black leaders and media outlets have played up the “refusal” of alleged singer Wyclef Jean (formerly of the hip-hop group, the Fugees), to perform in Cincinnati this summer. Some Internet wags have speculated that Jean, who is himself a convicted, violent felon, could not get insured for his planned Cincinnati concert (and may have feared for his own skin), and simply tried to make lemonade out of the lemons he’d been handed.

Damon Lynch III & Co. are imitating the highly successful “boycott” begun by Florida NAACP leaders, most notably Adora Obi Nweze (Johnnie Raye McMillian) in 1990. The pretext was the “racism” of Miami’s Cuban expatriate community. In fact, what the Cubans had done was criticize visiting Nelson Mandela of South Africa, based on Mandela’s ties to Communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. But according to the new dispensation, no non-black may ever criticize any black. Florida’s black race hustlers demanded apologies and reparations from the critics — and got them!

Nweze/McMillian and her accomplices created an anti-Miami video which they sent to black groups around the country. The Miami boycotters — most of whom had racial “show-no” jobs in the public sphere, were thus immune to the economic effects of the boycott. As Jared Taylor recounted in Paved with Good Intentions, “A year later, the group estimated that it had managed to keep $27 million of convention business out of the city.” Hoteliers then came, hat in hand, and began paying millions of dollars in extortion.

The Miami “boycott” would become the model for the extortion campaigns seeking to force southern states to stop flying the Confederate battle flag, and for the shakedown campaigns concocted by Jesse Jackson and the NAACP, respectively, against Anheuser-Bush, Texaco, TV networks, Coca-Cola, Toyota, the hotel-motel industry, and other industries.

Had a white group done to blacks, what Nweze/McMillian and Co. did to Miami’s hospitality industry, they would have been prosecuted under federal RICO laws.

* * *

The most disturbing aspect of Cincinnati’s racial pathology is, for me, the role of black parents. Last year, Timothy Thomas’ mother, Angela Leisure, said “People keep asking me, why did my son run. If you are an African male, you will run.” As I said at the time, stupidity kills. Hate, too.

Angela Leisure emphasized the importance to her of the other 14 black males who had died in confrontations with the police over the previous five years: “These people might have been insignificant in y’all’s life, but they were significant in our lives.” Note that Leisure was talking about a group composed predominantly of murderers, armed robbers, and cop-killers, all but one of whom had attacked police officers. The dead police officers — black and white alike — were of no significance to her.

With apologies to Samuel Clemens, it takes years of hard work to create a good, spontaneous race riot. You’ve got to teach children, from infancy on, that they are to refuse to follow the instructions of any white authority figures, and even to attack them, and to bond with mobs of black strangers attacking white strangers. Oscar Hammerstein II explained this “pedagogy” in the lyrics to the song he co-wrote with Richard Rodgers for South Pacific, “You’ve Got to be Taught.”

You’ve got to be taught,

Before it’s too late,

Before you are six or seven or eight,

To hate all the people

Your relatives hate,

You’ve got to … be carefully … taught.

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