Saturday, January 08, 2011

Get Your Mind Right, with Takuan Seiyo

By Nicholas Stix

Beyond the above title, I don’t know how to summarize “The Art of Strategic Citizenship — Part 2.” The essay runs 5,165 words, including footnotes, but it’s a pretty quick read, at that, and I’m a slow reader. With that said, I think it’s worth your while, but I doubt if Jeffrey, er, I mean Kevin MacDonald would agree.

Tak argues,

If you should remember one word from the current one, it’s mushin — mind of no mind. This is the “empty” mind of the Zen adept or a samurai in combat.

Looks like I’ve got to read Sun Tzu.

If you do leap into Tak’s eminently rational polemic, please do not have a loaded weapon nearby. Depressive souls may find his analysis both of the forces arrayed against the West, and its equally destructive, would-be friends too trying. His recommendation for beating the blues sounds like Zen game theory, but that requires prolonged study and exercise.

The easiest way to describe Takuan Seiyo is that he is a polymath who manages to be pro-white, without being anti-Semitic. He implies, and I agree, that the genocidal anti-Semitism that pervades much of the pro-white Right is more effective at discrediting pro-white forces than a million incoherent, dishonest, and transparently racist New York Times essays.


P.S. Tak wrote what I consider to be a masterful analysis of the Minority Mortgage Meltdown here.

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Anonymous said...

If I hadn't already read some of Seiyo's other pieces, I'd say he's just concern trolling the dumb neocons at GoV. Instead, I'm disappointed that he wrote such a self-indulgent whiny rant. He usually has an interesting take on things.