Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obama: I Promise to Put White Americans Last!

By Nicholas Stix

At NumbersUSA, Roy Beck writes about the SOTU speech by the John Doe calling himself Barack Obama:

Pres. Obama spent most of the speech talking about preventing U.S. jobs from going overseas to be done by foreign workers there, and then incongruously argued for increasing the number of foreign workers to take the scarce jobs we keep in the U.S.

Though mostly ambiguous, his statements on immigration seemed to put illegal foreign workers and foreign students first while keeping unemployed Americans in the shadows.

On trade, he said he would "only sign deals that keep faith with American workers, and promote American jobs" and yet on immigration policy he failed American workers, declining to ask for reductions in immigration even though 24 million American and legal immigrants can't find a full-time job. And he declined to ask for mandatory E-Verify to put millions of them back to work by opening up 7 million jobs held by illegal foreign workers. Instead, he vaguely asked for work permits for illegal aliens and an increase in foreign workers.

The disappointment over his comments was tempered by the lukewarm response from Members of Congress who seemed in no mood to follow his unpopular suggestions.

Some pundits who are either brain-dead or in “Obama’s” pocket, have been claiming that he is tacking to the center, or even at heart a centrist. After the Tucson Massacre, he called for “civility,” which has for over 20 years been a leftwing code word for anyone disagreeing with totalitarian multiculturalism to have to shut up. He called again for amnesty for approximately 28 million illegal aliens taking jobs from American citizens and sucking us dry through welfare programs and school, medical, and law enforcement costs, and even “free,” no down-payment home mortgages that we then have to pay for. (I’m dropping the standard add-on “and legal immigrants,” because that suggests that immigrants—as opposed to naturalized citizens—are on a par with citizens.) He called for letting millions of foreigners—illegals who were born here, foreigners here on student visas, and those not yet even here—steal university admissions and jobs from Americans. And while claiming to freeze spending out of one side of his mouth, in the next breath, he called for “investments” in education, for “outeducating” the world, which is a racist code phrase for stealing the last pennies in the pockets of the white Americans who represent what is left of the tax base, and giving them to the racist blacks and Hispanics, and white communists running a system that has through racism and violence largely run off white families.

It was the same old, same old, from a man who believes that his most important task is to “destroy the white enemy.”

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Hirsch said...


This is somewhat on a tangent, but is both Obama and Cincinnati-related. I'm currently involved in a debate over at SBPDL about the prospects of rioting in the black community if Obama is not reelected. This is not fringe stuff, as even Dem strategist James Carville hinted that it could happen if Obama had lost the election the first go-around.

How possible or real do you think the threat is, for widescale flash-mob/ Cincy-style pillaging if underclass blacks are deprive of their prime cult-fetish/ golden calf, that is Obama?

On Cincinnati, I live in the 45230 area code, and have noticed the deterioration of Over the Rhine (which was the most dangerous neighborhood in America last year, but has dropped to 25th in the country); it's a shame because there are some beautiful buildings down there whose inhabitants have no clue as to what they're destroying.