Saturday, January 29, 2011

SPLC Linked to Nazism!

By Nicholas Stix

In an American Renaissance discussion of Izzy Lyman’s exposé in The New American, “SPLC’s Poverty of Ethics” (or asVDARE calls it, the “$PLC”), poster Joseph commented,
Gotta love the $PLC’s “guilt by association” tactics to smear those with whom they disagree:

Let’s play!

Potok is affiliated with Morris Dees who drives a Mercedes Benz and we know that Hitler’s staff car was built by Mercedes.

Ergo Potok is in fact a Nazi, quod erat demonstrandum.

Last spring, The Social Contract published a massive exposé of the SPLC, in a special edition of its magazine that ran 220 double-sized pages. You can read it online here, and you can buy a copy here, for only $5.00, for shipping and handling.

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