Thursday, May 21, 2009

Race-Blindness is a Social Construct

By Nicholas Stix

I wish I could take credit for the brilliant insight above, but it is in fact the contribution of Vanishing American, in an essay, “Stranger than Fiction,” in which she draws an analogy from people acting as if race didn’t exist to the Hans Christian Anderson story, ''The Emperor's New Clothes.''

One of the giveaways that race-blindness is a fraud, is that it only goes one way. The same people who insist that "race is a social construct" demand that whites be "race-blind," while encouraging blacks and other non-whites to be race-obsessed. That is because they know damned well that race is real, but seek to aid blacks, at whites' expense, in the same zero-sum game racist blacks are playing.

As the saying goes, "Race for me, but not for thee."


Mercurius Aulicus said...

Sorry to be pedantic but Vanishing American is actually a SHE rather than a He.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

I agree its a brilliant phrase that can spawn child phrases. A good series would be race-blindness kills again. This is a regular Auster feature already just not with that title.

Not being used yet:

"No results found for "race blindness kills again"."

Nicholas said...

Thanks, MCB, Esq. Sorry about that, VA.

Nicholas said...

OAL, that would make it a parallel category to "Diversity kills." Now, "race-blindness" and "diversity" used to be antipodes, but thanks to the pioneering work by mishmashologist David Brooks, the man who turned the likes of "Barack Obama" and his wife into "valedictocrats," they are becoming identical.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Good point. To pursue it in Auster terms, to the Eloi, race blindness is accepting the Morlocks as diversity. To the Morlocks its what's for dinner.

Tanstaafl said...


I'm looking for your VDARE article on Sheppard and Whittle and can't find it.

In Elena Kagan: Free Speech Denier Patrick Cleburne linked where it used to be:

At the moment neither VDARE's internal search nor Google have any record of it.

Sheppard and Whittle do indeed matter. A great deal. Could repost your article here?

Nicholas said...


That posting was a front-pager that was mistakenly published as a blog, which is why it was removed. I’m tweaking it a little, at present. And mine and H2’s mutual acquaintance just sent me another letter from jail from Stephen Whittle, which I’ve already intro’d and coded, and sent along to my editors at VDARE. As soon as it goes up at the blog, I’ll add a link to it in the front-pager, and send that ms. back to them. Hopefully, it’ll run early in the week.

Anonymous said...
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