Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Good Holocaust Denial

“The Good Holocaust Denial” is the title of a powerful article by Bill Warner. I am not familiar with Warner’s work, but this article was (re-)published by Western Front America, whose editor-publisher Hans von Gruen is one of my editors, and for whose integrity I will gladly vouch.

WFA is a patriotic Web site publishing right-of-center political commentary. The most succinct way I can think of to advertise its quality is to say that someone at DHS surely has dossiers on Gruen and his entire stable of writers.

I could easily summarize Warner’s article, but doing so would spoil its surprises, the way movie-haters spoil viewers’ enjoyment of pictures. So all I will do is urge you to read it, from start to finish. It runs a dramatic—but not histrionic—1540 words, and you won’t regret it.

Nicholas Stix


RSuden said...

An excellent article by Warner. Thank you for pointing it out.

Only one thing further might be mentioned. The Protestant reformers, who are little known of today in substance, if not literally, considered Muhammed the eastern antiChrist, sent by God to punish a disobedient church. (The pope was the western antiChrist.)

However politically incorrect, the reformers actually are correct.


stan said...

I beg to differ. That article has serious problems. First, the Nazi Holocaust did not "create" Israel. Second, Holocaust denial would outrage any decent person, not only Jews. Finally, it is ill-advised to compare the relatively unexceptional atrocity of Khaybar -- or just about anything else for that matter, to the historic attempt by the Nazis to seek out and murder every last Jew, anywhere in the world.

Other than the aforementioned lapses in judgement, article is reasonable.