Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lawrence Auster’s Notorious Speech

By Nicholas Stix

Soon, Lawrence Auster will be imprisoned for thought crimes, his blog shut down, and his Web archives deleted. People won’t even be able to talk or write about what Auster did that was so terrible. Thus, I suggest you download this version of the speech he gave, “A Real Islam Policy for a Real America,” at Michael Hart and Mike Berman’s “Preserving Western Civilization” conference in Baltimore on February 8, and which I was honored to have heard, firsthand.

Since your download of the speech may one day be confiscated or deleted, I suggest you read it more than once, so that you can remember as much as possible of what Auster said, and whisper it to your children, behind closed doors.


Jun said...

Just saw what you wrote about the Heretical Two over at VDare. Not a surprise (that they didn't get asylum) but still a major disappointment. The West is, indeed, dying. Whether or not she can be resuscitated remains to be seen. :-/

Thanks for posting the outcome. As you know, it's been almost impossible to find any updates on their case.

NiviusVir said...

Mr. Auster along with his speech, have intrigued me. This is quite fascinating.

The chances are great, that had I not read your blog, I would have remained ignorant of him. I have archived his speech.

Thanks Nicholas.

NiviusVir said...

I've also visited VFR, Mr. Auster's blog. I think I'm going to enjoy it.

Nicholas said...


Yeah, these guys are apparently just not newsworthy, unlike the race hoax of the day, claiming that black kids get disciplined too much; or racist, predatory lenders gave black and Hispanic borrowers too much money, after the same racist, predatory lenders gave black and Hispanic borrowers too little money; or black kids fail because of low expectations, or black kids fail because racist, high stakes tests expect too much of them, or... or... or...

Nicholas said...


Considering how much material I always find at your blog, I'm glad I was able to return the favor.

I think this blog will be of particular interest to you:

It's from the "Key VFR Articles" section on the right side of his home page. That side has gotten so cluttered, that it's hard to find anything.

Auster has done a lot of work on black-on-white crime, including the sub-category, Crazy (you know, "liberated") White Girls Who Put Themselves in Harm's Way, and End Up Raped and Murdered by Black Men.