Sunday, May 24, 2009

Leftist: Telling “Obama” Joke = Assassination Threat

By Nicholas Stix

Ever since the election, President-for-Life Soetoro’s (aka “Obama’s”) supporters have been demanding that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney be imprisoned. Those who are inexperienced or soft in dealing with these specimens of humanity might think, “We’ll, they say it’s for supporting torture.”

No. “Obama’s” base believes that all public opponents must be jailed and/or killed. They will provide the pretext du jour. After all, these people consider Communist Cuba, where Fidel Castro murdered thousands of dissenters, the ideal model for America.

For over 20 years, the Left has promoted the idea, through the universities and MSM, that any disagreement with its lies and hoaxes constitutes “hate speech” and “verbal assault.” Leftists have shouted down their opponents, stolen and destroyed their newspapers, forced them to publicly apologize, take “sensitivity training,” and fired, expelled, whitelisted and yes, arrested them (see here, here, here and here).

Thus, it was no surprise that when I posted a link to “The Top Ten List of Things to Know about President-for-Life Barack Obama” in the comments section at Village Voicer Roy Edroso’s blog, Runnin’ Scared, an Obamaton calling himself “Atheist” responded, “‘President for Life’ Obama? What, are you going to assassinate him or something?”

Don’t try to grammatically or logically parse “Atheist’s” response; it’s not possible. Atheist, like the rest of the Left, lives in Bizarro World, which is governed by the “logic” of the non sequitur, in which no conclusions logically follow from premises. (Besides, he has nothing against “Obama” being president for life, indeed he loves the idea, just not my saying so publicly at this point, where “Obama” has yet to suspend America’s Constitution and laws.) Instead, conclusions flow from political will, logic and the facts be damned. Dissent is a crime, but since we still live officially in a nation of laws, upon observing dissent, instead of simply saying, “He’s an enemy of the people! Let’s kill him!” the Leftist must conjure up some crime, no matter how implausible.


Dan Kurt said...

Dear Mr. Stix,

I could not find an e-mail link to you on this site.

Change of subject, slightly.

I urge you to listen to yesterday's ( 5/24/09 ) Chris Matthews Show, at least the part about 4:20 minutes from the end where David Ignatius bloviates.

[] or []

Ignatius states that Obama "is going toward the political center".

The entire show actually seems to me to be an exercise in an alternate reality but the Ignatius comment was the most delusional.

Will you watch it and analyze what is going on as only you can.

Dan Kurt

Ryu238 said...

Someone is projecting