Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nelson Mandela and South African Blacks Sing, “Kill the Whites!”



Old Nelson Mandela leads his young Xhosa admirers in a hearty rendition of a Xhosa song about killing whites.

“We, the members of Mkhonto, have pledged ourselves to kill them—the “ama bhulu” (whites).

Mandela’s Western apologists insist that the phrase “ama bhulu” means “Boers,” rather than “whites,” a distinction utterly lost on Mandela and his young Xhosa admirers. If such sophistry were true, why would Mandela need to play such different tunes, depending on his audience of the moment, speaking of racial “reconciliation” in English before white audiences, and racial murder before blacks in Xhosa?

Funny, that method reminds me of another terrorist leader.

The Mkhonto was (is?) a terrorist unit that Mandela founded before he was imprisoned by the evil, white apartheid regime, and that would murder whites, er, “Boers,” through bombings and such, on Mandela’s orders.

A tip ‘o the hat to Blaney’s Barley.


NiviusVir said...

This comes as no surprise to people with an honest perception of the world and race.

Mandela is simply a Negro. That will not change. Underneath his skin and facade of a smile, is disdain for white people.

Nicholas said...

Nivius, I increasingly find that racism--black racism--goes a long way towards explaining a host of social pathologies. Consider illegitimacy. With the rise in black racism, blacks increasingly declared marriage a "white institution," and made war on it. Ditto for the law, education, etc.

To turn a variation on a phrase from Bill Clinton, It's the racism, stupid!

(And why did white illegitimacy rise in the wake of the black explosion? Because millions of whites are, culturally speaking, slaves to blacks.)