Sunday, May 31, 2009

Letters from Jail, Cont’d.: The Heretical 2’s Stephen Whittle Writes

By Nicholas Stix

I have previously published letters from Santa Ana (CA) Jail by Stephen Whittle (nom de plume, Luke O’Farrell), one half of the Heretical 2, on September 17 and May 18. See also this July 31 VDARE blog essay and this March 14 Hoover Hog essay. Whittle’s publisher, the writer Simon Sheppard, is being held in the same jail.

Whittle and Sheppard were convicted in the U.K. in July of thought crimes, fled that month on the eve of sentencing, and sought political asylum in Los Angeles. The acquaintance whom the pair and I have in common has forwarded another letter from Whittle, which the former was kind enough to transcribe for me, and for which I thank him.

* * *


c/o Santa Ana Jail

P.O. Box 22003

Santa Ana, CA 92701

19th April, 2009.

Dear ……….,

The judge [immigration judge Rose Peters] doesn't ignore the possibility of imprisonment for political speech: she supports it. To quote from her ruling:

According to evidence presented before the Court, Applicants have been arrested, tried, and convicted under legitimate laws of the United Kingdom. Generally, legitimate prosecution cannot be considered persecution for asylum purposes...In the present case, Applicants were tried and convicted by a highly developed and sophisticated legal system. As such, it cannot be said that their conviction was arbitary or lacking due process of law. (pp. 7-8) [Emphasis added.]

Michelle Myers, the DA [federal prosecutor], made no attempt to rebut any of our claims about persecution: her entire reply consisted of a report on the European Community's efforts to crush free speech. She and the judge were obviously fully in support. I repeatedly made the point in my testimony that one of the chief reasons for our flight was to warn Americans of the implications of our conviction for speech on an American-based site: Namely, that American citizens too were liable to arrest and imprisonment if they entered British/European jurisdiction. The judge and DA are obviously quite happy for that to take place. Free speech and free enquiry are white male values and both are marked for destruction under the present Marxist diversitoids. That's not to say all white males support free speech or all non-whites and non-males oppose it, simply that it will not survive if white males lose power.

I think the Orange County Register is a case in point: we've written to it twice and had no response, altho' our case would seem perfect for a self-proclaimed libertarian paper to report on. Steve Greenhut recently made the (ludicrous) equation of Obama's government with fascism, but he won't devote any time to the Heretical Two, it seems. The LA Times reporter Christopher Goffard is still interested in our case, but we've heard that the jail has been denying him access to us.

The Kvetscher's comments on Baal HaShoah were spot-on, I thought. Larry Auster did a good piece a few years ago explaining that Jews irrationally saw highly philo-Semitic white Christians as a greater threat than Muslims, which is why they supported mass immigration by the latter.

On to happier thoughts... Clark Ashton Smith is a good illustration for the maxim that "only the mediocre are always at their best." His horror and science fiction are usually weak, but his fantasy contains some of the best prose ever written in English, in my opinion. H.P. Lovecraft did not write as well as CAS, but it increases my respect for Sam Francis to learn that he liked HPL.

I see from the paper today that the U.S. is "reluctantly" boycotting a conference on racism because it criticizes Israel and seeks to undermine free speech. I personally support Israel's status as a "racist" state à la China or India: each people should have and defend a homeland, and most peoples are allowed to do so by the "anti-racists." The white peoples are the exception. Racism, so-called, is like the immune system of the state: it prevents alien elements invading the body politic. California and its budget deficits, etc., are a good example of what happens when an immune system doesn't work, or rather is suppressed by Marxism.
I would like to stay in touch: your letters and support have been one of the few positive aspects of our sojourn here. But I suspect Santa Ana Jail will prove a lot pleasanter than any jail we end up in back home. We'll see sooner or later, tho' it could be two months or more before we're deported.

All best,

Stephen W.

* * *

Although it is late in the day, Hoover Hog and one of his readers urged contacting Amnesty International, which claims an interest in freeing political prisoners, the ACLU of Southern California, which feigns an interest in freedom from state coercion (when it isn’t commissioning racial profiling hoaxes), the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times.

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