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“I snookered them”: Illinois Nazi Candidate Creates GOP Dumpster Fire: Republicans Fear Blowback from a Holocaust Denier’s Run for Congress


Arthur Jones, at a Nazi march in Pikeville, Illinois [correction, 1:52 a.m.: Kentucky], last year

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 9:38:00 P.M. EDT

GRA: I believe this guy was one of the 3 "white supremacists" that Lesta highlighted (and excoriated) in a NNN report a while back (I posted it).

By NATASHA KORECKI 06/29/2018 11:57 A.M. EDT

CHICAGO — Illinois Republicans botched four opportunities to stop an avowed Nazi from representing their party in a Chicago-area congressional district. Now they’re paying the price.

Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier who will appear on the November ballot as the GOP candidate against Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski, has become campaign fodder for Democrats as they seek to defeat Gov. Bruce Rauner. And some Republicans even fear the taint from Jones’ extremist views poses a threat to the party up and down the ticket.

“First, it’s morally wrong and I think it’s really harmful to the party. The guy’s a complete nutcase. He’s a Nazi,” said conservative GOP state Rep. David McSweeney. “This is an absolute political disaster.”

McSweeney’s comments come just days after the filing deadline passed for qualifying a third-party candidate for the general election — which could have provided a safe harbor for Illinois Republican votes. Prior to that, the party had also failed to recruit a candidate to challenge Jones in the primary election, failed to knock him off the primary ballot and wasn’t able to field a write-in candidate against him in the primary.

Running a third-party candidate against Jones in November was among the options left to Illinois Republicans after Jones clinched the GOP nomination by running unopposed. But the deadline came and went this week and that didn’t happen either.

Jones, who told POLITICO he’s running to counter a “two-party, Jew-party, queer-party system,” laughed when he was informed the GOP was unable to put up a candidate against him.

“They didn’t put up a third-party candidate?” Jones asked when reached by phone Thursday. “That’s great! That’s fantastic!

“I snookered them,” he said of state Republicans. “I played by the rules, what can I say?”

Getting on the Illinois ballot as a third-party candidate is no small task. In the 3rd Congressional District, a candidate would have needed 14,600 valid signatures, a laborious and expensive endeavor and even then, there’s a slim chance of success against Lipinski.

“There were several individuals interested in running as independent candidates, but unfortunately they made the decision not to run after considering the incredibly large petition signature requirements in a relatively small geographic area and the amount of resources that would be required to mount a campaign in a district heavily favored for Democrats,” Illinois Republican Party spokesman Aaron DeGroot said.

On Thursday, DeGroot said the party instead plans to recruit and support a write-in candidate for the general election.

N.S.: Good luck with the write-in vote!

This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving state GOP.

The Illinois GOP is a RINO state party that perfectly reflects the national party, in standing for absolutely nothing.


Jones at the same Pikeville Nazi march last year


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Anonymous said...

I googled "NBC News/White Supremacist candidates" and came up with May 31st for the day NNN did its hatchet job on whitey politicians.I also looked at the related Twitter feed for that story--I'm not the only one who thinks Lesta/NBC are racists.I don't have Twitter,so it was a pleasure to see others taking notice--and giving it to them, right between the eyes.