Monday, July 30, 2018

Read About Violent, Obama Administration Perv William Mendoza the MSM Didn’t Tell Us about at the Time


Don’t offend William Mendoza, especially if you’re an autistic Indian!

By Nicholas Stix

When Mendoza wasn’t using his Obama Administration-issued smartphone to film women “upskirt” under their clothes, he beat a man so badly that he left him with a broken arm, broken teeth and a black eye, and needing three surgeries.

Mendoza wasn’t charged at all for that attack, which would have resulted in a civilian being charged with felony assault. He said he was offended by his victim’s wearing a Washington redskins jersey. He also did no time for the perv stuff.

The victim was an autistic Indian who, like Mendoza, was attending a powwow.

At Western Journal.

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