Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Thousand Emmett Tills: A List of White Children Murdered by Blacks in the USA Only

“And some there be, which have no memorial; who are perished, as though they had never been; and are become as though they had never been born.”

By PaxRomana58

More White victims added to the list:

Remembering the latest victims: Six-month old Levi Cole Ellerbe, 16-year-old Gina Burger, 20-month-old Kylah Mikel Woodard, four-year-old Savannah Walker, six-year-old Logan Tipton, two-year-old Joseph Bankston, 21-month-old Lonzie Barton, and 17-year-old Caleb Woosley, along with the other innocent white children murdered by blacks, while the Liberal MSM doesn't care.

Like a mournful metronome, a list of just a few of the many white teenagers, children, and babies who were murdered by blacks in the USA only, listed by age... the oldest being the same age as the mass media favored Trayvon Martin, down to the youngest being five months old. Google any name for further details of these violent black-on-white child murders.

NOTE: An (*) indicates that the victim had known their killer(s), either as an acquaintance, friend, or a romantic relationship, or as in the case of young children through a parent, other relative, or guardian.

This is only a partial list:

17-year-old Zachary Parker (shot to death) Omaha, Neb., 2-25-2018

17-year-old Collin Doyle (shot to death) Toledo, Ohio., 2-22-2017

17-year-old Steven Colt Coggins (shot to death) Hueytown, Ala., 12-27-2016

17-year-old Autumn Burkhart (shot to death)* Henderson, Ky., 11-21-2016

17-year-old David Trahan Jr. (shot to death)* Terrebonne Parish, La., 10-25-2016

17-year-old Jacob Thomas (shot to death) Mobile, Al., 10-23-2016

17-year-old Jonthomas Hobbs (shot to death) Fort Myers, Fla., 5-8-2016

17-year-old Bryan Allen Thompson (shot to death) Sherwood, Ar., 4-21-2016

17-year-old Kristine Carman (shot to death) Los Angeles, Ca., 1-6-2016

17-year-old Sean Michael Turner (shot to death)* Atlanta, Ga., 12-4, 2015

17-year-old Ashley Marie Scott (shot in the neck) Gary, Ind., 12-3-2015

17-year-old Kelsie Crow (shot to death at "sweet 16" birthday party) Cincinnati, Oh., 4-4-2015

17-year-old Karter Alderman (shot to death; home invasion) Shawnee, Okla., 3-14-2015

17-year-old Dylan Peters (shot to death) Poquoson, Va., 1-27-2015

17-year-old Mani Viktoria Aldridge (beaten to death along with her mother) Charlottesville, Va., 12-5-2014

17-year-old Kayla Storey (stabbed in chest and neck)* West Palm Beach, Fla., 11-10-2014

17-year-old Michael “Eli” Mohney (shot to death, mother also killed)* Mayfield, Ky., 9-2014

17-year-old Katelyn Beard (kidnapped, shot to death) Jackson, Ms., 8-31-2014

17-year-old Caleb Woosley (beaten to death with aluminum baseball bats) Richmond, Ind., 5-18-2014

17-year-old Hannah Bickley (shot to death)* Cleveland County, NC., 5-10-2014

17-year-old Christian Alexander Markoff (shot to death) Ozark, Ala., 2-2-2014

17-year-old Jourdan Bobbish (tortured, multiple shots to head, 18-year old white friend also tortured, shot in head) Detroit, MI., 12-2012

17-year-old Marley Lion (shot five times) West Ashley, SC., 6-16-2012

17-year-old Ryan Satterfield (shot to death; home invasion) Muskogee,OK., 11-23-2011

17-year-old Edward Mark Caylor (shot in head by sister's ex boyfriend, 2 other white teens also killed, home invasion)* Amarillo, TX., 1-21-1998

17-year-old Colleen O'Connor (shot in head while kneeling and begging for her life, killed along with three others) Aurora, Colo., 12-14-1993

17-year-old Benjamin Grant (shot in head, killed along with three others) Aurora, Colo., 12-14-1993

17-year-old Carolyn Andrew (shot in head)* Duluth, MN., 5-6-1981

17-year-old Debra Ann Chandler (kidnapped, raped, strangled) North Highlands Ca., 1981

17-year-old Brian Glenfeldt (kidnapped on way to church, shot in chest, arm, and head, teen girlfriend also killed) Miami. FL., 1-8-1978

17-year-old Belinda Worley (kidnapped on way to church, raped, shot in head. teen boyfriend also killed) Miami. FL., 1-8-1978

16-year-old William Cade Booher (shot to death) Aliquippa, Pa. 9-29-2016

16-year-old Michael White (beaten with brass knuckles, repeatedly stabbed in head, throat cut)* Wyoming, MI. 3-21-2016

16-year-old Hailey Hall (beaten to death)* Cincinnati OH. 3-14-2016

16-year-old Hailey Scheetz (stabbed to death along with her mother)*

16-year-old Katherine Burdick-Crow (robbed, beaten, vehicular murder)*

16-year-old Gina Burger (stabbed to death)* Austintown, Oh., 6-23-2014

16-year-old Alexandria Bertrand (vehicular homicide) Orange County, TX. 2-7-2014

16-year-old Ryan Mangan (shot to death)*

16-year-old Nicholas Grant (choked, beaten to death)*

16-year-old Paige Stalker (shot in the head)

16-year-old Brenden Wilson (shot to death; 8 bullets. 6 in the back, 1 to the head, and 1 to the side )

16-year-old Joshua Stepp (shot to death, home invasion)

16-year-old Mary-Ann Leneghan (kidnapped, raped, tortured for 8 hours, beaten, stabbed over 40 times; overkill)

16-year-old Alexandria Nicole Bertran (vehicular homicide)

16-year-old Elizabeth Pena (kidnapped, gang raped, tortured, strangled to death, along with her 14-year old white girlfriend)

16-year-old Taylor Fitting (shot in the face)

16-year-old Mark Thornton (single punch to the head)*

16-year-old Bobbie Sartain (shot to death, along with her 15-year old white girlfriend)*

16-year-old Meghan Landowski (raped, stabbed over 40 times; overkill)*

15-year-old Alexus Postorino (shot to death)* Las Vegas, Nv. 12-6-2010

15-year-old Nicole Angstadt (homicide; police refuse to disclose cause of death)*

15-year-old Kai Brooke Geyer (shot in head, two other white teens also killed, home invasion)

15-year-old Steven Brady Watson (shot in head, two other white teens also killed, home invasion)

15-year-old Nacole Winter (raped, strangled then stomped to death, body burned)

15-year-old Jonathan Lee Russell (shot to death)

15-year-old Susan Jordan (kidnapped, raped, strangled to death)

15-year-old Mary Clare (Molly) Conley (shot to death)

15-year-old Sara Beth Lundquist (kidnapped, stabbed to death; overkill)

15-year-old Raquel Gerstel (shot to death, along with her 16-year-old white girlfriend)*

15-year-old Taylor Adams (beaten to death)

15-year-old Barbara Kralik (stabbed to death)*

15-year-old Ann Harrison (kidnapped, raped, stabbed to death)

14-year-old Ian Wilsey (shot to death) Philadelphia, Pa. 11-28-2016

14-year-old David Kohler-Carpenter (shot to death, along with his 18-year old sister and their father; home invasion)

14-year-old Chelsea Brooks (pregnant from rape, later strangled to death by rapist and accomplice)

14-year-old Jennifer Ertman (kidnapped, gang raped, tortured, strangled to death, along with her 16-year old white girlfriend)

14-year-old Kelli O'Laughlin (stabbed to death during home burglary)

14-year-old Jody Lynn Wolf (raped, beaten to death)

14-year-old Susan Jacobson (strangled to death)* New York, N.Y., 5-15-1976

13-year-old Julianna Chambers (vehicular homicide) Whiting, Ind. 2-8-2017

13-year-old Genelle Conway-Allen (kidnapped, raped and sodomized, beaten and then strangled to death)

13-year-old Cori Baker (kidnapped, murdered)*

13-year-old Krystal Jean Baker (kidnapped, raped, strangled to death)

13-year-old Esme Kenney (kidnapped, strangled to death, attempted sexual assault, set on fire)

13-year-old Helene Navarro (shot to death)

13-year-old Gabriel Martinez (shot to death)

13-year-old Julie McElhiney (beaten, raped, then drowned in bathtub; home invasion)

13-year-old Sharon Brady (raped and stabbed to death, along with her mother; home invasion)

12-year-old Keith Passmore (shot to death)

12-year-old Jonathan Foster (kidnapped, tortured to death with welding torch)

12-year-old Garrett Phillips (strangled to death)*

12-year-old Emily Haddock (shot to death; home invasion)

12-year-old Christina LeAnn Neal (kidnapped, raped, strangled to death)

12-year-old Autumn Leigh Pasquale (strangled to death)

12-year-old Bobby Leonard (shot to death, along with mother)

12-year-old Ryan Carter (stabbed to death)

12-year-old Raymond Fife (kidnapped, tortured, raped, face burned, and stangled)

11-year-old Cherie Morrisette (kidnapped, raped, murdered)

11-year-old Bonnie Bulloch (kidnapped, shot to death)

10-year-old Philip Savopoulos (tortured, brutally beaten & then stabbed to death along with his mother, father, and housekeeper)*

10-year-old Aubrey Clark (vehicular homicide; run over while riding bike on sidewalk; white girlfriend injured)

10-year-old Duwayne Coke (strangled to death, along with his sister and mother)*

10-year-old Mark Ethan Alexander Stewart (stabbed, slashed, beaten to death)*

10-year-old Jennifer Heaton (stabbed to death, along with her sister and mother; extreme case of overkill; home invasion)

10-year-old Samantha Evans (stabbed to death, along with mother; 8-year old brother tortured, throat cut)*

10-year-old Tiffany Nicole Long (kidnapped, raped, sodomized, strangled then beaten to death)

10-year-old Kayla Burchett (shot to death, along with mother and father; home invasion)

10-year-old Lauren Relyea (kidnapped, raped, beaten, stabbed and slashed repeatedly)*

10-year-old Marissa Lynn Emkens (shot to death, along with her mother and aunt)*

9-year-old Marissa Lynn Taylor (shot to death along with her mother by mother's boyfriend)* Fitzgerald, GA 1-19-2017

9-year-old Jack Garcia (beaten to death by mother's boyfriend for eating a piece of birthday cake)* Hagerstown, MD, 6- 2015

9-year-old Cassie Lee Kucher (raped and strangled to death by her mother's black boyfriend. He also strangled to death her mother)*

9-year-old Michael ‘Connor’ Verkerke (stabbed to death)

9-year-old Stella Harvey (beaten, throat cut, along with her sister, mother, father; home invasion)

9-year-old Dylan James Royer (beaten to death, overkill)*

9-year-old Jennifer Ann Lewis (kidnapped, raped, strangled, set on fire)

9-year-old Marcia Trimble (kidnapped, raped, strangled to death)

8-year-old Aiden Bard (disabled boy burned to death in scalding bath water)

8-year-old Destiny Sargent (strangled to death, along with her brother and mother)*

8-year-old Riley Burdick (strangled to death, along with her mother)*

8-year-old Kevin Shifflet (stabbed to death, overkill)

8-year-old Joshua Evans (tortured with electric drill, throat cut; sister and mother stabbed to death)*

8-year-old Melissa Heaton (stabbed multiple times, skull crushed, murdered along with her sister and mother; extreme case of overkill; home invasion)

7-year-old Kyleigh Crane (shot to death, along with her uncle; home invasion)

6-year-old Logan Tipton (Repeatedly stabbed in the head while sleeping in his bed during home burglary)

6-year-old Jeremy Mardis (shot to death)

6-year-old Jake Robel (dragged to death)

6-year-old Viktoria Ivanova (hung from pipe in basement after mother was raped and strangled to death; home invasion)

6-year old Kayla Rolland (shot to death)

6-year-old Ryan Smith (beaten to death)*

6-year-old Adiele Crutchfield (media not reporting cause of death; killed along with sister and stepfather)

5-year-old Robert Jack Moorhead (vehicular homicide; hit and run)

5-year-old Laylah Petersen (shot to death)

5-year-old Claudia Wadlington (hit by car; vehicular murder while fleeing police)

5-year-old Cadence Harris (kidnapped, shot to death)*

5-year-old Emily Rimel (kidnapped, raped, decapitated)*

5-year-old Devon Duniver (stabbed to death)

5-year-old Allison Griffor (shotgun blast; home invasion)

5-year-old Bryor Gibbins (arson fire, along with mother who was raped and beaten)

4-year-old Savannah Walker (homicide along with her mother; cause of death yet to be determined; bodies found burned beyond recognition)

4-year-old Joshua Maxwell (burned to death along with his 3-year old brother; arson)*

4-year-old Joshua Snyder (vehicular homicide, perp ran over victim multiple times)

4-year-old Mercedes A. Blair (beaten to death)*

4-year-old Ruby Harvey (beaten, throat cut, along with her sister, mother, father; home invasion)

4-year-old Riley Jane Lawrence (hit by car; vehicular murder while fleeing police)

4-year-old Reba Ryan (beaten to death)*

4-year-old Marley Crutchfield (media not reporting cause of death, killed along with sister and stepfather)

4-year-old Layla Malone (beaten to death)*

3-year-old Liam Murray (shot to death)* Shelby, N.C., 10-27-2016

3-year-old Owen Buggey (beaten to death)* Canton. Oh., 10-19 -2016

3-year-old Michael Maxwell (burned to death along with his 4-year old brother; arson)*

3-year-old Amabel Calderon (beaten to death)*

3-year-old Tabatha Brown (vehicular homicide)

3-year-old Celina Marie Jackson (raped, strangled to death, along with brother, and mother)*

3-year-old Hunter Wise (punched in the mouth, whipped, burned, submerged in tub of scalding water)*

3-year-old Jason Evers (kidnapped, sufficated to death)

2-year-old Kane Friess-Wylie (beaten to death)* Belleville, Ill, 4-13-2017

2-year-old Annika Bianco (killed along with both her parents; hit by car; vehicular murder while fleeing police) North Versailles, Pa., 10-25-2016

2-year-old Joseph Bankston (intentionally shot in head during home invasion by black Fort Campbell Soldier)

2-year-old John Swoveland, Jr. (shot to death)

2-year-old Madison Ruano (hit by car; vehicular murder while fleeing police)

2-year-old Avery King (intentionally run over and dragged by car)

2-year-old Bryan Butts (beaten to death)*

2-year-old Jordan Land (kidnapped, shot, set on fire, along with mother)

2-year-old Paul Gallagher Jr. (hit by car; vehicular murder while fleeing police)

2-year-old Cody Allen Rollins (beaten to death)*

22-month-old Ruby Fields (vehicular homicide, along with both parents) Oklahoma City OK., 4-6-2015

22-month-old Kyleann Burress (shaken to death)* Jacksonville, FL., 11-2-2013

21-month-old Lonzie Barton (exact cause of death unknown; remains found in lake with evidence of severe abuse)* Jacksonville, FL., 7-24-2015

20-month-old Kylah Mikel Woodard (beaten to death)* Fort Smith, Ar., 2-2-2018

18-month-old Wayne Albert Jackson IV (strangled to death, along with sister, and mother)* Sandusky, OH., 9-8-2012

15-month-old Damien Christopher Lynn (beaten to death)* Bangor, ME., 1-23-2010

14-month-old Ryan Hacke (shot to death; shot in eye) Pittsburgh, Pa., 1-11-1997

13-month-old Antonio Santiago (shot to death; shot in face) Brunswick, Ga., 3-21-2013

12-month-old Xander Toliver (beaten to death)* Salt Lake City, UT., 11-30-2013

11-month-old Malaki Lindley (beaten to death)* Kokomo ind., 11-23-2008

10-month-old Silas Nelson (beaten to death, thrown down a flight of stairs)* Olyphant , PA., 3-26-2014

7-month-old Jayden Eric Redden (shot to death)* Minneapolis, Min. 10-9-2016

6-month-old Levi Cole Ellerbe (kidnapped, burned to death) Natchitoches, LA., 7-17-2018

5-month-old Andre Jenkins (multiple skull fractures and extensive burns from being placed in running clothes dryer) Jefferson Parish, LA., 9-11-2009

What the list does not include are the names of the many mothers, fathers, older brothers or sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents or other white adults who may have been raped, or tortured, and murdered with them, ... at times in front of their own eyes before they themselves were killed.

Their stories and final moments are what the most horrific nightmares are made of. All downplayed, or ignored by the Liberal MSM to protect their Black Victimist Narrative.

Where is the Duke Lacrosse/Jena 6/Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown MSM, Jesse “HymieTown”/“I spit in white people's food” Jackson, Al “Tawana Brawley”/“Freddie's Fashion Mart” Sharpton, Eric “My people” Holder, and Barack “If I had a son” Obama?

The “Black Victimist” MSM has strived to make sure that Emmett Till will always be remembered, just as they strive to make sure that all the names on the above list will soon and always remain forgotten.

Pax Romana


jeigheff said...

Some are concerned that the US will become a nation like South Africa. This is proof that it has already happened.

Anonymous said...

Great work...should be faxed to every news organization in America.As Pat Buchanan asserted,in a column I mentioned previously,blacks committed rape against whites in NY in huge numbers.Whites against black women--ZERO.I would assume white criminal acts against black kids is about zero as well.

Anonymous said...

GRA:Not sure if you counted black kids,killing white kids--but this one (with full liberal tilt by the writer at Mlive)probably didn't make your list.Another category to be sure.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - A year after 12-year-old Jamarion Lawhorn executed a bizarre scheme where he would kill another child so that he would be executed for the slaying, a jury has found him guilty of murder.

At 13, the boy will be the youngest convicted murderer in West Michigan.

After more than four hours of deliberation Friday, Sept. 4, the jury comprised of seven men and five women found Jamarion guilty of first-degree murder in the Aug. 4, 2014, stabbing death of 9-year-old Connor Verkerke as they played on a Kentwood playground.

Over the course of three days, the jurors heard from Connor's little brother, who said he watched his brother get stabbed and helped get him home as the dying boy said he loved him and it was not his fault.

The jury heard from Connor's mother and father who watched their son bleed to death on their porch from the two stab wounds to his lungs as they waited for emergency services to arrive.
GRA:The media blamed the homelife of Lawhorn,but never delved into why he would pick a white boy to kill instead of a black.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I did see the Verkerke murder,after posting.Call this what you want,an epidemic of hate crimes against whites,an unofficial war,whatever it is,the fact is,these stories are buried deeper than the white victims are in their graves.
Plus,these horrific crimes don't take into account the other black on white crimes of assault,rape and drug dealing(with the accompanying addiction and overdoses of whites by black drug dealers,which is going through the stratosphere)which occur unnoticed on a daily basis.It's a 90% one way street of white lives being destroyed by blacks.
Very important list you provided Pax.It needs to be sent to news stations everywhere,with a demand that it be reported.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

A list of white elderly murdered by blacks too needs to be compiled. White elderly women raped before murdered also.

A goodly number of those young white children murdered by blacks often the offspring of a white man and white woman. The woman then becoming a coalburner/mudshark who takes up with a negro man. Then negro then in a fit of rage kills the white child for almost no reason whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

As an afterthought,a news show that's the opposite of NNN--which would report black crime and note white achievement--would seem very timely AND successful.If anyone complained that the show was racist,how could it be,if the garbage NBC drops on us everyday at 630pm is not considered such.Might in fact,be called "equal time".
--GR Anonymous

Pax Romana58 said...


Mother of baby who was burned to death in Natchitoches arrested

Updated at 04:33PM, July 25, 2018

NATCHITOCHES, La. — Police in Natchitoches have arrested the mother of a 6-month-old baby who was burned to death about a mile away from the home where his mother said he was kidnapped.

According to the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office, 23-year-old Hannah Barker, the infant’s mother, is the second person arrested in connection with the baby’s death.

Barker told police that men banged on the door of her trailer the night of July 17 and sprayed her with pepper spray. She said she fled the trailer to get away from the men, and when she returned, her 6-month-old son, Levi Cole Ellerbe, was gone.

About an hour later, the baby was found severely burned about a mile away from the trailer. He was airlifted to a burn center in Shreveport, where he succumbed to his injuries.

A few days later, on July 21, police arrested 25-year-old Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith, 25, on one count of first-degree murder.

Police say the baby’s mother, Barker, has been arrested on one count of principal to first-degree murder. Investigators are not releasing details, but they said Barker and Smith knew each other before the baby’s death.

“I want to highlight the determination and dedication of the team of investigators from both agencies who have doggedly worked this case from the start,” said State Fire Marshal Chief H. “Butch” Browning. “Rest assured, that diligent work is not over yet.”

I have removed this poor child's name from the list pending further information and clarity as to who did what.