Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Acid Attack in England Maims and Disfigures… a 3-Year-Old Boy?!

By Jerry PDX
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 12:42:00 P.M. EDT

A three-year-old boy is a victim of an acid attack in England. Four of the usual suspects have been arrested:

The ages of the perps are given in the article, but not their identities. Grainy camera footage says it all though, it's those dreaded Finnish men at it again....

The victims of these kinds of acid attacks, because they cause disfigurement, are usually young women, so a three-year-old boy victim is unusual. I'm going to guess that the mother of the victim is being punished by an ex, or maybe the perps’ aim was bad. We'll see what happens if more details come out.

The police are reticent to give out details, or the media isn't publishing them, undoubtedly because the attackers are in a protected ethnic category and nobody wants to be perceived as contributing to “stereotyping,” so they're carefully measuring how to present the story.


Anonymous said...

The papers there must be pressured by the government to avoid racial descriptions of the perps.What's the media's excuse here?It's self-authorized censorship--which is so obvious that all you can do is laugh at them for trying to hide the truth from us.But this is the time there should be massive protests against MSM--especially with Trump in office.Once a Dem gets in,it'll be too late.


Anonymous said...

The perps are apparently Gypsies from Eastern Europe. Some sort of domestic/Clan dispute.

Anonymous said...

"The papers there must be pressured by the government to avoid racial descriptions of the perps."


Anonymous said...

The mother was Afghan, presumably the 39 year-old father who "can't be named for legal reasons" was too, 3 of those arrested were apparently Gypos from the Czech Republic, and the last was another Afghan. The Wife had left the husband, and it appears to be domestic, with the others involved for financial reasons or because they're all some sort of gang or clique.