Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Anti-Schnatter Campaign Goes into Overdrive at Papa John’s

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 5:01:00 P.M. EDT

Noose being readied. Death penalty for whitey (loss of job in most cases).

Papa John's founder John Schnatter apologizes for using the N-word on conference call
Shares of Papa John's slid Wednesday after Forbes reported that founder John Schnatter used the N-word during a conference call in May.
The remark occurred on a call with marketing agency Laundry Service.
Schnatter apologized for the comments.
By Sarah Whitten | @sarahwhit10
Published 5 Hours Ago Updated 1 Hour Ago

Papa John's founder John Schnatter admitted to using the N-word during a May conference call and apologized for the comments after Forbes magazine detailed the incident in an article Wednesday.

“News reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true," Schnatter said in a statement released by Papa John's. "Regardless of the context, I apologize. Simply stated, racism has no place in our society.”

Schnatter was on a call with marketing agency Laundry Service when he tried to downplay comments he made about the National Football League and allegedly said, “Colonel Sanders called blacks n-----s," and complained that the KFC founder never faced public backlash. The call was a role-playing exercise for Schnatter to prevent future public relations fumbles.

“The past six months we’ve had to take a hard look in the mirror and acknowledge that we’ve lost a bit of focus on the core values that this brand was built on and that delivered success for so many years,” CEO Steve Ritchie said in an internal memo obtained by CNBC that was sent Wednesday to team members, franchisees and operators. "We’ve got to own up and take the hit for our missteps and refocus on the constant pursuit of better that is the DNA of our brand.”

Shares of Papa John's fell by as much as 5.9 percent to a new 12-month low of $47.80 a share in intraday trading Wednesday — erasing $96.2 million in market value. The stock recovered somewhat, closing down 4.8 percent at $48.33 a share. Papa John's is down 13 percent so far this year while Domino's shares are up 48.5 percent.

"Papa John’s condemns racism and any insensitive language, no matter the situation or setting," a company spokesman told CNBC. "Our company was built on a foundation of mutual respect and acceptance."

Laundry Service, which is owned by sports agency owner Casey Wasserman, reportedly cut ties with an unnamed client in late May due to "the regrettable recent events that several employees of Laundry Service witnessed during interactions with a client’s executive,” according [sic] a letter obtained by Bloomberg.

Shelley Lewis, a spokeswoman for Laundry Service, declined to comment.

Public relations consultant Eric Schiffer, chairman of Reputation Management Consultants in Irvine, California, told CNBC that it was a "colossal boneheaded move of which they will now have to rethink if they want to use him as a spokesperson."

The incident underscores the risks of using an individual to represent a brand, said crisis communications consultant Dan Hill, CEO of Hill Impact.

“This is the danger when organizations are too tied to a personality,” Hill told CNBC. “We saw it with Subway and Jared ... when things are going well and those people are popular, and they are doing smart things, it works. But then you have a single point of failure and it’s that person’s actions that reflect on the entire organization.”

The Forbes report comes just seven months after Schnatter abruptly exited the C-suite. Schnatter faced backlash in November for critical statements he made about the NFL that ultimately caused the league to remove Papa John's as an official sponsor.

He blamed NFL leadership for hurting the company's performance because it hadn't resolved the ongoing controversy over players kneeling in protest during the national anthem.

While Schnatter is no longer the CEO of Papa John's, he is still chairman and is tied with the brand's image and is featured prominently on the company's pizza boxes.

“I think the big thing for them going forward is how do they distance themselves entirely from John?" Hill said.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx

Yet another diversity sexual assault against children but god forbid the media acknowledge what we all know: That these type of sex attacks are disproportionately committed by migrants and other members of protected diversity classes. In this case Ricardo Sanchez-Garcia has been arrested for sexually molesting two girls, age 9 & 10 in public stores.

The Big O deceptively calls him a "Portland man" and I can't think of any time they've used that term in a case like this. Nice vague descriptor that neatly sidesteps the subject of his citizenship status (or lack of).

He's already out on bail:
Note the booking report categorizes him as "white" instead of hispanic or latino. Now that may be true, he may be white, or mostly, he only looks a somewhat mestizo, but since there is no category for hispanic or latino then non white hispanic criminals also default to the white category. Police statistics in Portland as standard practice lump hispanic in with white.
Even if he is white, you can't ascribe the same motivations to an immigrant from a 3rd world country where it is perfectly acceptable to get 12 yr. old girls pregnant to a 1st world country that recognizes that it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

...and done.
GRA:Another one bites the dust.That took about the same amount of time as getting a pizza delivered.Whitey is powerless to fight The PC KLAN.

David In TN said...

The Aggrieved didn't raise an eyebrow over the murder of Gordon Schaeffer at a Papa John's store.

Anonymous said...

John Schnatter,the founder of Papa John's pizza,was overwhelmed by the new social media group,the "Non- Educated,Genuinely Racist,Opportunizers"(whose acronym amazingly spells NEGRO)and forced to resign.
We looked into this group.Here's our report:
"NEGRO's intentions are to create trouble for whites,who dare call out blacks for poor behavior.NEGRO's numbers have increased in recent years to the millions.They seem to be everywhere,though statistics from the Census Bureau claim NEGRO's are only 13% of the population.The only requirements to join this group,are to be stupid,black and have a cellphone (provided by Obama's free phone law)to take video with.
To be a VIP member--or a NIGGER(Non-Intelligent Gangbanger,Galvanizing Erroneous Racism),you need the same requirements to be a NEGRO,but must also have a sizeable criminal record and never held a job.
Then you're all set to disobey the law,receive free government handouts and ruin white people's lives--without interference from ANYONE.You won't even be challenged if you charge a white person with discrimination."
So those are the people(along with white board members of the business world)who got John Schnatter to resign.

Anonymous said...

...let's go back in time and retry a case that was already settled--but in the new spirit of "Get Whitey"and "Appease Blackie",watch it happen.

Anonymous said...

One little word no matter how innocuous and you are gone. Even a perception of a word even if the perception totally unfounded and you are gone.

Barry Goldwater said decades ago that minorities ran this country and he was right.

Anonymous said...

"Noose being readied. Death penalty for whitey (loss of job in most cases)"

Loss of job today. Real hanging. Even if not ever done, it is among certain demographics a major wish.

Anonymous said...