Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Groundhog Day in Flushing?

By Nicholas Stix

Jacob deGrom just threw his 100th pitch, and induced a line drive that he caught, to complete seven shutout innings—and seven innings without a Mets run in support of his usual sterling effort. That’s how he can lead the league in ERA, while barely staying above water (5-4).

Mets announcer Gary Cohen said, “Groundhog Day.”

One or two starts ago, the Mets announcers would say that it was “like” Groundhog Day. They’ve since dropped the qualifiers.

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Dr. Haight said...

Yes, but how about Nimmo's 3-run blast in the bottom of the 10th? I haven't had a favorite Met since R. A., Dickey was shipped to Toronto. But I do appreciate Nimmo's evident joy at playing baseball.