Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Samantha Bee “Comedy” Writer Explains Why It’s O.K. to Commit Violence Against Non-Communists

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Writer/Correspondent, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. All opinions are my own, and probably correct.

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Look all we want to do is kick a bunch of people out of the country, and get rid of your health insurance, and say and do a bunch of racist and homophonic stuff, and destroy the environment, oh and also can’t you please be nice to us while we do it? -Conservatives


Anonymous said...

Papa John admits he shouldn't have resigned
GRA:Too late for him of course,but maybe the first step for other whites to realize that communists like Bee,Colbert,ABC's negro president of entertainment and the rest of the racist bunch (Clinton,Obama,Pelosi,Holt etc)should be confronted and not immediately appeased.All the white people I've seen get fired or forced to quit--because of alleged racism--should go to court to get their jobs back.The only way to stop this crap is to fight back.Papa John Schnatter has fired the first salvo.Much more is needed.
--GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...


John Schnatter has to sue for billions. He founded papa John's and he has every right to ewnd it.

But this is more than a civil matter. It sounds there was a criminal conspiracy to steal his company out from under him (worse than the case of Donald Sterling, who go $2B out of the deal.) Schnatter has charged coercion and blackmail, on the part of the laundry company.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree.He can be a civil rights pioneer for whites if he does this correctly.We need something.

Anonymous said...
I didn't know quite where to insert this story.Willie sings Frank Sinatra--coming soon.Not sure who's a Willie Nelson fan on here,but it might be worth a listen--if "The Redheaded Stranger" can still sing a little.He's 85.

Anonymous said...

My laugh of the day;
Watching Katy Tur(filling in for Lawrence O'Donnell)talking about the "Trump Tapes",but having to keep saying the name,David Pecker.
"Uhh Mr.uhh,Pecker said..."
"So,Pecker's response was..."
If Trump wanted to be hilarious,he'd have all his lawyers change their names to,oh say,Richard Schlong,or Johnny Prick etc.just to give me the opportunity to see Tur squirm while she tried to avoid saying their names on TV.More than once she hemmed and hawed trying to spit out Pecker's name tonight.She should have just swallowed hard and said it:"Pecker."
Juvenile yes,but funny.
--GR Anonymous