Sunday, July 22, 2018

Video: San Francisco is a Sh*thole


By Reader-Researcher R.C.


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Anonymous said...

San Francisco is an example of what happens when leftists run a city. Other cities such as Seattle are following San Francisco into the toilet. Seattle was once a beautiful and pleasant city, but now there are bums living in tent and tarp settlements under the overpasses and virtually any free space they can use. Idiots in Seattle have also banned plastic bags "because we care about the ocean"--even though the garbage is buried and NOT dumped in the ocean. Banning plastic bags meant bums didn't have them to use as portable toilets--and so hepatitis spread. My wife witnessed a woman, pants down, "going" right next to the freeway. Seattle has also seen cases of flesh-eating bacteria among the huge population of filthy bums. And these people bring their smell and diseases into places like public libraries.

Anonymous said...

San Diego too. Hepatitis A spreading because of public defecation. Piles of crap disease bearing.