Friday, July 13, 2018

Sporting Goods Chain Fires Manager NRA Calls "Hero"

By "W"
Thu, Jul 12, 2018 2:17 p.m.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
While Foxnews is by are the most willing major news outlet to post let's say, non pc news stories, they still gotta remind the public they're still with the anti white program, to a degree... They couldn't help it, they just had to run another headline about Ted Bundy:
If you go to Foxnews right now you'll see his psycho eyes staring out at you on the headline page.
After all, the media has to do something to obscure the wave of black serial killers that have hit this country the last 30-40 years or so. Dredging up a white one from decades past is their favorite method.

Somebody in TV land has decided we need, yet another, on top of the multitude of previous ones, series about Ted Bundy, this one starring Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons.

So can anyone in the media tell me why they couldn't have a series about black serial killers like Lonnie Franklin Jr. (possibly 200 women murdered), Eugene Coral Watts (possibly 100 female victims), Samuel Little (40 years active, maybe 100 women? More? Media completely ignored him so we'll never know), or Harrison Graham (necrophiliac, cannibalistic serial killer who lived with the corpses of his female victims)?

If you asked anybody responsible for this nonsense, they'd probably say they never heard of those black serial killers (which may be true), then tell you the public wouldn't be interested in black serial killers because they aren't as evil as white ones (load of BS) and then accuse you of being racist for asking.
So the band plays on, they inflict another special feature about "Ted Bundy" despite that fact there are equally horrifying and even more prolific black ones out there. Yes, thank you Foxnews for reminding us that you still genuflect to the gods of politically correct anti whiteness.

Anonymous said...

You know why Jerry,but the only way to change this pro-black,anti-white agenda is to bring it out in the public eye somehow.It's difficult if FOX doesn't speak of it.The other networks--never.Trump needs to lay it out there--but he won't until his next term,if he wins.
I say,"you know why,"but I don't know why the massive move to denigrate whites and elevate blacks has taken place--I can't understand why the business community automatically takes blackie's side in a dispute with whites--and punishes the white with the "death penalty" of termination from their job--which as I've said,is for the sole purpose of mass conditioning the white population to not complain about black behavior.NNN gleefully reports every instance when whitey gets reminded of this new unofficial amendment to the Constitition:
"Caucasians shall not accuse minority
races of illegal,immoral or otherwise questionable behavior,under penalty,to be determined by a group most familiar to the alleged violation.The punishment can include the following:public humiliation,harassment,social media threats and up to(and including)termination of Caucasian employment.This amendment does not condone,but will allow,violence in order to enforce the amendment."
Unofficial,but it may as well be written as law.
--GR Anonymous