Sunday, July 15, 2018

In Baltimore, “Murder Ink” Dries up



By A Longtime Reader, who sent it in as “Baltimore Stix Article.”

Murder Ink, was a Baltimore City Paper column devoted to the weekly murder toll in Baltimore. It was discontinued late last October, as it brought “negative light” on Baltimore. The column was especially useful, as it chronicled who was killed, the circumstances, and especially useful was that it recorded race.

If you read it, crime by crime, you get the full flavor of the unbelievable savagery. Remember, this all occurs in a very small area. Baltimore is a small city with only 600,000 population. It has a murder rate almost equivalent, in real numbers, to Chicago… many times larger, per capita.

It has perhaps the most spectacularly corrupt Black leadership in the country. It is fully Africanized, and is run by a series of Black matriarchs that treat the criminals as a bunch or naughty boys that need Mama to protect them.

The last several Mayors have been Black Women. Loud, vulgar, and extremely stupid defects they attempt to hide by never shutting their mouths.

Baltimore is indeed Africa.

Our Governor is an absolutely worthless, mindless, PC-regurgitating RINO clown named Larry Hogan, who openly denounced Donald Trump over and over as a racist during the 2016 campaign.

Hogan did this, so he could be on the winning team of Hillary Clinton. The shameless garbage at MDGOP didn’t have the self-respect to boot Hogan, even after Trump won.

This year they are running him again, and the GOP establishment job seekers are prostrating themselves in front of this clown, licking his shoes, hoping Hogan will give them a state job.

Hogan will make noises, such as “I will do anything to stop the killing in Baltimore.” But doing “anything” excludes mentioning the depravity of black culture, the realities of race, cutting off white funding, or the absolutely deadly business of encouraging tolerant whites to live in Baltimore.

Hogan thinks he is going to get the black vote. Which shows he understands nothing about race. Each week the Blacks in Baltimore become bolder, more demanding, and more aggressive, fueled by white delusion and denial.

N.S.: In 2009, Donald D. Price burglarized a home shared by some Johns Hopkins University students in Baltimore City. The house was in the area of Charles Village, which is dominated by Hopkins students and staff, and is thus a magnet for black criminals, who obsessively target white and Asian Hopkins people.

Price stole some electronics.

According to “reporting” at the time, “someone” burglarized the home, the police came, and a few hours later, one of the residents heard someone in the garage, went and got his imitation kastana, samurai sword, and then went to see what had happened. The resident confronted Price burglarizing the garage, and stabbed Price in the wrist, and the latter bled out.

The newspapers reported that the resident said that Price had lunged at him.

Newspapers in Baltimore City and beyond were hostile towards the resident. The Baltimore Sun published an unsigned editorial criticizing the crime victim, insisting that he had been obliged to call the police and not confront the criminal himself, while praising a Charles Village businessman who’d shot and wounded a man who had repeatedly robbed him in his store, because the businessman was contrite, and said he had done the wrong thing. The Sun editorial also called the perp a "victim," and condemned commenters who had celebrated the victim for his courage, in dispatching Price.

Baltimore Sun crime blogger Justin Fenton, together with the perp’s sister, called for prosecuting the crime victim. spoke of the victim’s act of self-defense as an “attack” on Price, as if Price were the crime victim.

Most media outlets lowballed the perp’s criminal record. While calling him a “career criminal” who had only gotten out of prison two days before burglarizing the home, they would at most say that he had been arrested over 20 times. In fact, he had been convicted 29 times. He had probably been arrested hundreds of times, and had surely committed thousands of crimes. He should have been in prison for life.

The media also downgraded the danger the burglar posed, and ridiculously referred to him as “unarmed.”

The burglar’s victim had no idea if he was armed. Besides, burglars commonly rape and murder their victims. They are notoriously extremely dangerous.

Why the pro-perp media coverage? The obvious reason: The perp was black, and the vic was white.

And it wasn’t hours later that some unrelated burglar broke into the residents’ garage. Donald D. Price had never left the premises.


Price had “hidden” behind the house’s open back stairs when police arrived. The most cursory search would have found him, but the police that arrived did not make a cursory search. They left as quickly as possible, and Price went back to work.

As for the notion that the residents should have again called the police, that would have put the former in the position of being prisoners in their own home, and guaranteed Price’s escape. And that was the whole point.

And because the crime victim was white, and he had killed violent, black felon, being prosecuted in black Baltimore City would have entailed an automatic conviction, which would have been tantamount to a death sentence.

Joseph Pedulla
• • 8 months ago

It is sad that his had to happen, but this is what happens when people do not respect that sacred place we call home. In a civilized society it is essential that a person have a private place to live, a place where he may live but where no one else may. This is the essence of "private property." When a person does not respect this principle, that person is playing with his own life. When one makes a habit of putting others in fear for their lives, one must expect--even plan!--to die in a puddle of one's own blood. It is as simple as that.


Anonymous said...

"The column was especially useful, as it chronicled who was killed, the circumstances, and especially useful was that it recorded race."

They recorded the race of the victim and the perpetrator both? The horror! The horror!

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I tried to research the case of the college student killing a burglar with a sword but couldn't find much in the way of follow up to the story. However, I stumbled across an interesting incident that became tied to this case. Two Baltimore black men, Dominic Anderson & Abdullah Omar beat a man into a coma who had fired a gun and killed a friend of theirs. They disarmed and beat him. As a result they were indicted for attempted murder, or assault, I'm not sure which. I couldn't find any stories indicating if they were actually convicted of anything. The story however has gained attention due to a supposed double standard in the case of the white Hopkins University student killing black burglar Donald Price with a samurai sword. Two cases are obviously different, the student was in a life or death quick decision moment and had a sword in his hands, a weapon that could easily end the life of someone with one strike, which is what happened. The two men at the party beat a man after he was disarmed to the point he was nearly dead. Impossible to compare the two because they are two different situations, but that didn't stop people from declaring it to be a racial double standard.
All that being said, I don't think Mr. Anderson and Mr. Omar should have been charged with anything either, maybe they went over the line but the guy just killed someone and had a gun in his hand, you can't expect people to be 100% rational at that moment, though there may have been more to that whole story we don't know about, details are sketchy online but taking it at face value, there may have been an inequity in their case. Read more about it here: