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A Terse, 1970 Book Review Starkly Shows the Inability, Nay, Refusal of Liberals to Learn

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

My friend and partner in crime, David in TN, just read The New Racism, and is presently working on a review.

Lionel Lokos, The New Racism

Mr. Lokos, who earlier authored a sternly disapproving biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, has penned what he apparently considers to be a daring expose of the sinister depths of black racism in America today. The author's understanding of racism is woefully one-dimensional; he chooses to pay attention only to black ideology and white rhetoric while disregarding all institutional and economic manifestations of bigotry. Given this facile orientation it is simple enough to make the sweeping declaration that the ""old racism"" (anti-black) has been ""pummeled to a jelly"" by the courts, while the ""new racism"" (anti-white) threatens to engulf the nation. The book itself is a scissors and paste job overstuffed with the most incendiary quotes the author was able to cult [sic] from the pages of Black Panther, Muhammad Speaks, Jet, Ebony, etc. The overloaded epithet ""racist"" is generously applied to black leaders as dissimilar as Malcolm X and Julian Bond. No subtle shadings here; the issues are starkly black and white.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1970

Publisher: Arlington House


David In TN said...

I've finished reading The New Racism (1971) by Lionel Lokos, published by Arlington House, which was the "conservative" publishing outlet of the day. My copy is a second printing edition.

Kirkus Review called the book a "scissors and paste job." Actually it is thoroughly footnoted and referenced. There are chapters on The Black Muslims and Black Panthers. There is a long, detailed chapter on Malcom X. His death at the hands of his former friends is described.

Much of the book concerns "The Black Rebellion on Campus," another chapter title.

The "rage" in those days was for "Black Studies" along with "free tuition," easy grades, etc, etc. Several "militants" of the time appear who are now forgotten. There are chapters on "black rebellion" at San Francisco State, Federal City College, Cornell, and CCNY.

Chapter 13 covers Black Anti-Semitism and the 1969 New York Mayor's race. The "three major candidates were practically doing a 50-yard dash to any Jewish temple that would allow them to speak." Lokos described appearances by each candidate at the Ocean Parkway Jewish Center in Brooklyn on different nights. The author "saw and heard all three candidates at this temple."

The reparations scam was begun at this time. One James Forman, (big name then) went to a church and delivered a reparations harangue. Forman announced he would go to a synagogue and threaten the people there. Meir Kahane announced his men would stand on the steps with clubs. Farmer didn't show up.

The last chapter is written by Lokos in the first person. He identifies himself as Jewish and a member of the white working class. Lokos references a New York Magazine article by Pete Hamill, last white working class leftist. Hamill wrote sympathetically of white working people, acknowledging they were hated by liberals, and why they were disaffected.

And this was 47 years before Hillary Clinton's "deplorable" fulmination.

Much of what Lokos wrote is applicable today. The same whining demands are still being made.

From the dust jacket: "Lionel Lokos was born in Brooklyn in 1928. A Navy veteran, he is a graduate of New York University. For the past fourteen years he has supervised commercial copy for a large New York City Radio station."

The New Racism was Lokos' fourth and (apparently) last book. It and his other books can be obtained from Amazon or a used book service.

Anonymous said...

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"A nice (white) family moves into a tough (black) LA neighborhood" is the summary from IMBD.
The clips almost look like the Jefferson's moving into the Bunker neighborhood--in reverse.According to most television historians,"All in the Family" was intended to show Archie Bunker's stupidity,in regards to his "racist" attitude toward non-WASPs(it wasn't stupid).Here we see an obese(300lbs plus)Cedric the Entertainer talking to a black neighbor that new neighbors(the Johnson's)are moving in.The blacks assume from the name "Johnson",that the people they will be seeing are black.One by one they go over to meet the Johnson's and are horrified/stunned/broken into laughter when a vanilla white guy opens the door.
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Laugh at that CBS.
(Fortunately I had two black families that lived like animals,evicted.Much better now).
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

CBS has a 4 minute trailer that is as unwatchable and anti-white as possible.
One scene Dave Johnson,the white guy,is playing chess with a black guy(lol,buy that premise?)
Johnson says,"I'M WHITE!!!"
Black guy says,"I know."
Next scene,white guy is apologizing for being racist AFTER the blacks had him all figured out as a Mike Stivic type liberal.And Dave Johnson is oblivious to all the jokes made at his expense.
I repeat,unwatchable.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...
Pregnant wife,that is.Let's see who the players are in this one.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Too bad a book like the "New Racism" will have absolutely no impact on black or liberal America. Just try to have a debate with a negro and supply actual facts. You know what their counter argument is? "300 YEARS OPPRESSION"!!!!
Virtually every time they will attempt to launch into a diatribe that is supposedly going to educate poor uninformed whitey and rationalize every evil act they have committed, it's just reparations you know. Truth is, whitey usually knows the history better than they do. Even the liberals that sit raptly at attention while racist negro's guilt them into even greater depths of sniveling servility know the history better than they do, they're just too scared of black men to tell them the truth.
Seriously, it's their response to virtually anything despite the fact that the history they are referring to occurred far before they were born and has no bearing on how they live today. They have no facts, they have no reason, they have nothing except the fallacious belief that their ancestors suffered exclusively at the hands of the white man for 100's of years and that same white man is still keeping them down.

Anonymous said...

" No subtle shadings here; the issues are starkly black and white."

The issues are starkly black and white because the issues are starkly black and white, literally and figuratively so.

Anonymous said...

The first rule of chess. The white pieces always go first. Black always second. How so as in real life! A racist game surely so.