Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Central Park Five are Back in the News!


Anonymous said...

Everything originated in Africa of course. How could it be otherwise.

The Central Park Five is a hoax. I heard the one guy [perpetrator] on TV say: "I held her down while the others raped her and then hit her on the head with a brick trying to kill her!" NO coercion, no force, no tricks, etc. He did the crime with his buddies.

Anonymous said...

They are all guilty. Did they pay the ringer well? I found the recent press very maddening. They deserve to be locked up for a long time for what they did.

Yeah Central Park. Disgusting filthy place, full of human feces, aggressive, rank, black African Muslims pedicab drivers. They've taken over Columbus Circle and 5th Avenue at East 59th Street. No woman can work as a pedicab driver because of their hostility.

Anonymous said...

They served their sentences and all were released. ONLY got settlements from civil suits after their release.