Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Get Your Multicultural Wrap-Up!

By Nicholas Stix

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Anonymous said...

Lester Holt Worried,After Reports That Kim is Still Building ICBMs And Can Hit NY.
Lesta Holt nervously reported exclusive(of course)evidence from military sources,that the North Korean dictator is secretly building weapons,"that could carry nuclear warheads to(perspiration pouring down Holt's forehead),right here in NY."
Holt is reportedly concerned that President Trump would give Kim the okay to test an ICBM on the building NBC news is broadcast from.
Sources say Kim told Trump,"You have trouble with Holt?We fix."
"A very generous offer,"Trump replied,according to the same infamous NBC sources,that have come up with nothing but pure bullsh*t,the last couple years.
Still,Holt is thinking about taking the newscast on the road,"to cut down on the predictability of the location of my black,shiny head.If Kim doesn't know where I'm at,he can't nuke me,"said Lesta,while drinking a bottle of Kaopectate.
"Plus I HAVE been an a-hole with my racist coverage and politically slanted news stories against Trump,"he continued while guzzling more stomach medicine,"I mean,who could blame him?"
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Alice Marie Johnson,the drug dealing black that Kardashian got Trump to pardon,was on "Hannity" tonight around 950pm.
First thing Hannity says,"It's an HONOR to have you on and to meet you."
"President Trump did this for you."
"I know,and there's so many more like me,the system is broken."
"Yes,the system is broken,"agrees Hannity.
Right,it's broken alright--she was let out early,after running a large drug organization.Millions of dollars of drugs sold.
Now the blacks and black sympathizers want to break the system even more with bills in Congress to relax heroin laws.
As I type this,Ingraham chimes in to gush,"That interview was so INSPIRING."
I wonder how many families of overdosed people--who this drug dealer(and others) killed,feel the same way.
All I can surmise is that Hannity must be preparing everyone for less drug enforcement by the Trump administration.

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Just a follow-up to all the celebrating at FOX news and Kim Kardashian,who was on the "Jimmy Commie Kimmel Show",talking positively about the Trump pardon of Alice Marie Johnson.
The mantra of the pro-black prisoner release groups is simply,"These dealers,like Alice Johnson,are non-violent drug felons."
One stat disputes that:In 2016,over 63,000 people died of drug overdoses from heroin,fentenyl and similar crap.Those numbers are exploding even higher,according to most reports I've seen.The deaths do not occur in a vacuum.Without drug dealers supplying the poison to middle and lower class America,these overdose deaths cannot occur.Blacks moving into white neighborhoods have exacerbated the problem in just the last few years.
I am the most anti-drug person there is.I don't understand the attitude of anyone who believes the fault of the overdose lies solely with the drug user.If a pharmacist was providing drugs to customers in lethal doses, would be called mass murder.Does selling drugs illegally(resulting in death) make it less of a crime?
Dealers who provide drugs that cause death are committing violent crimes--and they should be punished accordingly,with no early release.This woman(Johnson) said "the system is broken,"meaning she thinks she shouldn't have gone to prison.The judge in her case had no sympathy,explaining,"This was a well organized drug cartel and Alice Johnson was one of the main drivers."
I know of no research that detailed how many people died after buying her product,but someone should look into it.There HAD to be fatalities.If society thinks it's fine to scrutinize successful,older white men regarding their sex lives,the least we can do is apply the same methods to (mostly)black drug dealers and inquire into how many deaths they're responsible for(tens of thousands of whites per year).I repeat,Trump and Sessions,--do not release them and build more prisons.
---GR Anonymous