Monday, July 30, 2018

Globalists Can Celebrate: Florida Police Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller Dies After Allegedly being Shot by Haitian Illegal Alien


War crime victim, Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller

By A Texas Reader

Law enforcement confirmed to the media this week that Fort Meyers Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller...

Florida Police Officer Dies After Allegedly Shot by Illegal Alien | Breitbart

Florida police officer Adam Jobbers-Miller has died after allegedly being shot in the head by an illegal alien from Haiti.


Anonymous said...

Globalists don't recognize this or any other officer,who dies as the result of an illegal,as a problem.A small price to pay to achieve their goals.
1)Globalist's wont be happy until the day illegal immigrants are hired as cops,patrolling illegal immigrant sections of cities.Not fighting crime,but observing--and probably participating.
2)The crime itself will be swept under the proverbial rug anyways to avoid any kneejerk reaction by curious white,law abiding minds.Non-white crime must be celebrated as entrepreneurship,ingenuity and courage.It was the policeman's own fault he got shot.Achieving that mindset is a goal of globalists.
3)Basic anarchy in the big cities.
And they're getting there,aren't they?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Our local "news"paper the Oregonian has blessed us with manipulative article about mass shooters and race:

It states in the article: "Media coverage actively shapes how we perceive reality".

All the while deceptively shaping how we perceive reality with lies and mistruths.

According to the article, white mass shooters are treated as being mentally unwell but black shooters are inherently dangerous. You have to read it to believe it, but it is clearly the work of black crime apologists who have cherry picked in order to craft a false narrative.

There are plenty of absurdities: Somebody in an article described a white mass shooter named Josh Boren as a big Teddy Bear as a way of diminishing his evil act, yet somehow the way the media attaches "gentle giant" to every plus sized black rapist or murderer escaped their notice. The article cites 100's of articles they supposedly examined and created a set of metrics that "proves" white shooters get treated like naughty boys who "snapped" while blacks shooters are vilified. How many internet articles are there nowadays choose from? Quite a selection, you can sift through and find anything you want to support whatever theory you want to propose, no matter how ridiculous.

I went to the research page and tracked down some of the articles and what jumps out is how little detail there is about black mass shooters, as opposed to white ones. While there are some exceptions, blacks shooters are often anonymous, their names mentioned in passing and photos often absent, it's white ones that get the lavish front page features and plenty follow up articles, something that imprints them on the mind of the public. And yes, with everybody eagerly chipping in on opinions as to why whitey is always shootin' up everything and everybody, more psychological analysis ends up being part of the party for white shooters.

I have another take on what's really going on: The media isn't "excusing" white shooters, it's trying to obscure black ones and promote the false notion that mass shooting is a white phenomenon, just like they do with serial killers.

Not even to mention the way the media dismisses so many black mass shooters by designating them "gang shootings". It's the easiest way to disappear a story because we know "they only be doin' it for profit and that be different". Of course they never explain why a black gangster can't be a disaffected youth lashing out with violence or why a gang banger is automatically disqualified from being a deranged killer.

Funny thing is, after I posted a couple of comments making these points, an article appeared announcing the recent New Orleans shooting as likely gang related:
If it's gang related then why did they shoot so many random people? They'll say the shooters belong to or once belonged to gangs, but since most black boys have some involvement in gangs at some point in their lives, what exactly does that mean? Convenient way to cover up black mass killers. Now watch that story get relegated to back burner status.

Anonymous said...

Colbert stabs Moonves in multiple body locations (not just the back).
I saw FOX replay Colbert--on last night's show--get on his high horse and thank CBS exec Les Moonves for sticking with his show during the poor times,and then promptly saying"He's got to go--accountability for the leader of the free world and the leader of CBS must be consistant."
This may sound Solomon-like,but Colbert has no loyalty to whites--so sacrificing Moonves is not a big deal to him or globalists like him.There are a lot of whites on TV,who espouse a pro-minority agenda to the detriment of their own race.
Charlie Rose,Al Franken etc are easily thrown under the bus for the larger goal of black/Mexican/Muslim infestation of the USA--and the eviction of Trump as president.They'll gladly trade Moonves' head for Trumps.
It's that simple.
---GR Anonymous