Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Increaisng PC-Ification of NewsCorp and Fox News

By Nicholas Stix

NYC releases documents connected to Central Park 5 case ...

A lawyer for five men wrongly convicted in the vicious 1989 rape of a Central Park jogger said Friday that the release of investigative records leaves them reliving the horror of their experiences.

They weren't wrongly convicted. They were guilty as hell. It was the "vacating" of their convictions that was an outrage.


David In TN said...

Here ( is a long, meandering piece with the usual bromides in The Daily Beast by one Edward Conlon, a former NYPD detective. He pretty much acknowledges the confessions were real and they did what they were accused of.

Conlon took early retirement and became a writer. I had never heard of him.

Conlon is surprised the Manhattan DA who vacated the convictions had personal motivation (rivalry with Linda Fairstein) to do so. He's also puzzled The Great Robert Morgenthau went along with the multi-million settlement.

Surprise, surprise.

You might want to pick it apart.

Anonymous said...

I heard the one guy on TV admit they were guilty. "I hit her on the head with a brick trying to kill her while the others raped her."

Anonymous said...

The only person who had a "horror of the experience" was the woman raped and then had her head bashed in.

Anonymous said...

Besides Joy Reid,look who MSNBC has hosting its 4-5 pm slot and 5-6.At 4pm,someone named Yasmin Vossoghian and at 5,Ayman Mohyeldin.Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Huntley/Brinkley,does it?.
Mohyeldin earned his job by previously working at Al Jazeera and CNN (same thing?)
Vossoghian is an Armenian who worked at CNN.
No thanks to wasting my time with either of them.
--GR Anonymous