Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Forward: Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand and Woody Allen are Chopped Liver!

By Nicholas Stix

In 2016, The Forward, the socialist paper put out by Jewish anti-Semites, came up with a list of the 50 Most Influential American Jews.

The problem with the list was that I’d heard of hardly any of them, and the ones I had heard of, were mostly vastly overrated. In 2016, for instance, Ivanka Trump was very famous, but Jane Eisner, The Forward’s editor-in-chief, put Ivanka at the top of the list, due to the latter’s idiotic speech at the Democrat, er, I mean Republican National Convention.

In 2017, with her father ensconced in the White House, Ivanka Trump unfortunately became much more influential, but Eisner’s list was for 2016.

And in 2016, and any year since, Jared Kushner did not rate.

Some of the people on my list—Jerry Lewis, S.I. Newhouse, Philip Roth, and Nat Hentoff have since died, but they were all very much alive in 2016.

Whereas, The Forward’s List makes little sense (and only adds up to 48), but some entries were based on their being in the news (Dylan, based on winning the Nobel Prize, Sanders, based on his White House run, Ivanka and Jared), the rationale for most was a mystery. Some (Daveed Diggs and Michael Twitty) were apparently named merely because they were mulattos.

By contrast, most of my picks were for their long-term influence, e.g., Jerry Lewis, Nat Hentoff, Lorne Michaels. Note that “influence” is morally neutral. Thus, George Soros may be evil, but he is the most influential Jew of the past generation.

A Year of Curses and Many Blessings

In this tumultuous, contentious year, we learned that it was a blessing and, sometimes, a curse to be a Jew in America.

[N.S.: “We learned”?]

The presidential campaign dominated the discourse much more than usual, and in some unwelcome ways. Many Jewish journalists were targeted by white nationalists on social media, threatened for who they are and what they wrote. But journalists such as Julia Ioffe and Ben Shapiro stood firm in the face of harassment, and their cause was aided by communal leaders like the Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt.

[“Targeted”? “Harassment”? Garbage. They were criticized. “Targeted” suggests they suffered violence.]

At the same time, the notable role played by the candidates’ Jewish family members spoke to Jewish political empowerment. Never in our memory did the Democratic and Republican nominee both have a Jewish son-in-law — and in Donald Trump’s case, a Jewish daughter, Ivanka, who is a brand unto herself.

Jews dominated the cultural landscape, in television, cinema, music, books, fashion, theatre — up to Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize. [Jewish mediocrities.] We also made an unexpectedly strong showing in the sports arena, thanks to Theo Epstein’s leadership bringing the forlorn Chicago Cubs to a World Series win and Aly Raisman’s stunning Olympics display.

[Momentary athletic success does not equate to “influence.” Eisner should have titled her thing, “American Jewish Newsmakers.”]

America’s legal and business sectors benefited from Jewish entrepreneurial ingenuity, while our religious and communal leaders challenged orthodoxies of all kinds.

[How would it be a virtue for “religious and communal leaders challenged orthodoxies of all kinds”? That sounds nihilistic, like saying, “Our religious and communal leaders worked hard to erode our foundations.”]

As always, the Forward’s annual list of Jews who have impacted American life is a communal effort, but special tribute goes to Dan Friedman, Thea Glassman and Kurt Hoffman for their creativity and leadership. This project went to press hours after Trump’s stunning victory, opening an uncertain [new] chapter in the American Jewish story. But to paraphrase the play that made Daveed Diggs famous, the Jews in the Forward 50 never threw away their shot, and we know they never will.

—Jane Eisner

Read more:

The Forward’s List

Ivanka Trump
Bob Dylan
Theo Epstein
Julia Ioffe
Daveed Diggs

The Full List


• Sarah Hofstetter
• Michael Dubin
• Evan Spiegel


• Mark Hetfield
• Harry Swimmer
• Thomas Frieden
• Rachel Gilmer
• Michael Twitty
• Jonathan Greenblatt
• Gali Cooks CULTURE
• Paula Vogel
• Abbi Jacobson
• Isaac Mizrahi
• Deborah Lipstadt
• Bob Dylan
• Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath
• Geza Rohrig
• Daveed Diggs
• Jonathan Safran Foer
• Lil Dicky (David Burd)
• Natalie Portman


• Jeffrey Goldberg
• Danielle Berrin
• Masha Gessen
• Julia Ioffe RELIGION
• Daniel Landes
• Sharon Weiss-Greenberg
• Rachel Cowan
• Shmuly Yanklowitz
• Yehuda Glick


• Gloria Allred
• Judy Sheindlin
• Alexandra Brodsky


• Liz Alpern
• Roger Sherman


• Sarah Hurwitz
• Yael Lempert
• Jared Kushner
• Eric Schneiderman
• Ben Shapiro
• Ivanka Trump
• Haim Saban
• David Wildstein
• Bernie Sanders
• Charles Schumer
• Jona Rechnitz


• Aly Raisman
• Theo Epstein

My List
*Died since 2016

George Soros
Henry Kissinger
Steven Spielberg
Barbra Streisand
Woody Allen


Elena Kagan
Stephen Breyer
Ruth Bader-Ginsburg
Richard Posner


Philip Roth*
Bob Dylan


Alan Dershowitz
Jeffrey Toobin
Jonathan Turley

Entertainment Media

Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Lewis*
Mel Brooks
Lorne Michaels

News Media

Nat Hentoff*
Thomas Friedman
William Kristol
Adam Moss
John Podhoretz
Norman Podhoretz

Media Moguls

Sumner (Rothstein) Redstone
Michael Eisner
S.I. Newhouse*
Michael Bloomberg
David Geffen
Harvey Weinstein


Larry Page
Sergey Brin
Mark Zuckerberg


Ronald Perelman
Carl Icahn
Sheldon Adelson
Henry Kravis
Eli Broad
Howard Schultz (Starbucks)


Bernie Sanders
Chuck Schumer
Jonathan Greenblatt (ADL)



Robert Kraft (Gillette, N.E. Patriots)
Jeffrey Lurie (Philadelphia Eagles)


Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks)
Peter Guber (Golden State Warriors and Mandalay Entertainment)
David Stern
Adam Silver


Bud Selig
Theo Epstein


Anonymous said...

"(Daveed Diggs and Michael Twitty) were apparently named merely because they were mulattos."

Add Lenny Kravitz to the list of mulattoes. The more the merrier.

Alan Dershowitz now included? Nicholas Stix? Ivanka a Jewess and accepted by all as a Jewess?

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yet another (how many times have I written that?) black serial killer has been arrested, The investigation is still in it's early stages but he has already confessed to 6 other murders so I think it's safe to put him on the serial killer list. The victim in the article is a young black woman but no word on the race of his other victims:

Daneaul Drayton has been accused of murder by strangling of 29-year-old Samantha Stewart on July 17 after they met on the Tinder dating app. Police describe Drayton as a sexual predator who lured unsuspecting women through the dating app.
Stewart’s bloody body was found with her teeth knocked out.

Danueal Drayton was already identified as a suspect in the vicious murder of a NYC nurse when police tracked him down in California, where he was holding a woman hostage in a North Hollywood apartment, sources told the Daily News.

Drayton then confessed to six more brutal killings spanning across the country.

“My body did this, not my mind,” a police source quoted Drayton as telling investigators. “I didn’t want to do this. My body made me do this.”

Yup, he dindu nuffin, it was his body. I've never heard that one before, negro's are amazingly creative when it comes to excuses for evil behavior, I'll give them that. It's one area they might actually be more clever than whitey, probably due to lots of practice.

Note the AOL article includes a chaperone article titled: Notorious serial killers throughout history, with a lead photo of Ted Bundy, mainstream media can't have an article about a black serial killer without reminding the public about white serial killers. I didn't bother to scroll through the articles list of serial killers but I'd be willing to bet there isn't a black one in there, or if there is, it'll be Wayne Williams, the only black serial killer to get significant media attention. You know, the token great black hope of serial killers.

Drayton's capture comes right on the heels of the arrest of Jose Gilberto Rodriquez, a hispanic suspected serial killer recently arrested:
I believe the investigation into Rodriquez is still ongoing, might be too early to call him a true serial killer, he might fall under the category of spree killer but I'll try to keep track of the story to see what police uncover about him. Assuming the media doesn't disappear his story after giving it token mention, something that often happens with non white killers.

Neither of these serial killers will get the massive publicity the Golden Gate killer did, but he was a white man and that's how the mainstream media rolls.

You know that wave of black serial killers that have plagued the country for decades? Who cares? There's a new biopic (as if we needed yet another) of Ted Bundy starring Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons! Gotta keep the public's attention focused on the PC narrative.

Anonymous said...

Catching one black killer (serial or otherwise)is like catching ONE roach.I don't have to explain the rest of the analogy.Yet,MSNBC,CNN,Lesta Holt and other black groups--along with the Democrats(and some RINOs)go on the usual outlets to claim blacks are over- arrested,incarcerated too frequently and under appreciated.
I say:Build more prisons--don't release them early--prosecute and convict--serve full sentences--don't release early.There are a lot of roaches out there.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Ivanka,this magazine has nothing better to do than gloat about the fact,that the media forced her to quit posting pics of her kids.
GRA:Personally,I regret that free will is frowned upon by Business Insider and that Ivanka paid attention to the correlation of Mexican illegals and her own family.SHE'S a citizen,SHE can post pics of her family--proudly,if she wants.Tell the media to take a flying f...
--GR Anonymous