Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Racist Murder Takes a Woman’s Life in Portland, Oregon, Yet the MSM Seem Oddly Indifferent to It


War crime victim Dallas Boyd was only 29 but could pass for being well past 40. That’s what drugs and the street life will do to you.

By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 12:58:00 A.M. EDT

Yet another white woman falls victim to a murderous black in the progressive paradise known as Portland OR, but the muted local coverage this story is getting pretty much guarantees it will be forgotten by the public within a day or two, if they even noticed it in the first place, that is.

Dallas Boyd, 29, was strangled to death by 58-year-old black man Terry Hickman in a van. No word on what she was doing in the van with him but according to reader comments, Ms. Boyd was involved in drugs. Hickman has a long rap sheet of various crimes. I can't help but wonder if he's killed before and might be a serial killer. Of course, since he's black it's a lot less likely anybody will look into his past.

Going back to my comment about “noticing,” try this experiment: Ask family and friends if they remember certain local killings that involved race. I've done it and noticed an interesting pattern. They virtually never remember black-on-white murders, even when they've recently happened, but they'll remember white-on-black killings that happened decades ago.

Same things happen with race killings that make the national stage. They'll only know white-on-black killings but won't remember a single white murdered by a black, except for O.J. killing his white wife and her friend Ron Goldman, though they may well think he's innocent of that. Seriously, though, I can be sitting in front of the TV and see this story with someone I know and then a few hours later ask if they remember, and they'll give me a blank look and say: I don't remember anything about it. It's actually happened more than a few times, practically everybody in my family practices this kind of willful forgetfulness. However, if it's the much rarer white-on-black murder, they will remember it.


Mug shot of suspected war criminal Terry Hickman, 58



David In TN said...

Very good points. For just one example, the Knoxville Horror wasn't turned by the MSM into a National Morality Play as Laci Peterson and Casey Anthony were.

Anonymous said...

My rule #1:Never associate with a black (especially one that looks like THIS).The odds of a violent crime being committed against you in that scenario, is about the same as the Mets losing on a particular summer day.

Anonymous said...

"No word on what she was doing in the van with him but according to reader comments"

Prostitution or drug dealer most likely.

Anonymous said...

that Hickman is the most evil looking SOB I may have ever seen...

Anonymous said...

"Hickman is the most evil looking SOB I may have ever seen.."

And yet whitey women who probably know better take up with such colored and then we all know the results.

John said...

Valid points regarsing how bias the media is when it comes to race. Look up "Yuri Bezmenov - Subversion" on YouTube for the answer why.

I knew Dallas and her boyfriend Michael, they were good people and had been together for 10+ years. I really doubt this had anything to do with prostitution, although it could have been drug related since Oregon is turning into a sanctuary state and the degenerate tweakers are at an all-time high.

This scumbag had 9 felonies and 6 misdemeanors on his record and they still allow people like this to run free and murder your friends, parents, sisters, brothers, etc., just collateral damage in a liberal cuckold paradise. Very sad.

Rest in peace Dallas, you didn't deserve this. As long as I'm in this degenerate junkie state I'll be sure I'm carrying.