Monday, July 16, 2018

Jose Gilberto Rodriguez: Harris County, Texas Lawmen Say He’s a Serial/Spree Killer on the Loose!


Murder victim Pamela Johnson

By A Texas Reader

"He's been on a rampage in a series of murders," Acevedo said. "Let's get this man off the street as soon as possible." Rodriguez is 5'7, about 135 pounds, bald with tattoos on his neck and other parts of his body.

Manhunt underway for "serial killer" possibly linked to mattress store murders, other crimes

The killing spree started Friday with the shocking murder of a widow who liked to read the Bible and surprise neighbors with homemade cookies.

ATR: More murder, mayhem, misogyny and Mexicans.


Mug shot of suspected serial killer Jose Gilberto Rodriguez


Anonymous said...

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I think the most upsetting aspect of this is that people, by standers, will assume I am in the wrong because I'm white when clearly, the blacks and Spanish are the aggressors. When the police, if they do show up, a black can always lie, saying, but they called me a nigger.

Anonymous said...

White clerk saves fellow white woman from minority rapist,kidnapper
GRA:The only disappointing part was the hero clerk saying,"I wasn't trying to put anyone in jail."
Too bad.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

What is his immigration status?

Anonymous said...